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  • Take Off®

    Take Off®

    Increase Nitrogen Uptake Take Off® is a revolutionary nitrogen-management technology that accelerates nutrient acquisition and assimilation as well as nitrogen use efficiency. Discovered by Los Alamos National Laboratory and developed by Verdesian Life Sciences, Take Off works from inside the plant to improve nitrogen use efficiency, boost crop growth and increase yield potential. The active […]

  • Nutri-Phite®


    Enhance nutrient uptake for increased yield with phosphite fertilizer Developed by the University of California at Riverside, Nutri-Phite® sets the standard in phosphite nutrition. It enhances nutrient uptake to improve plant health and vigor, resulting in better plant nutrition, higher fruit solid content and improved stand opportunity and emergence, leading to increased yield potential and […]

  • CROP+™


    Grow a more resilient, healthy plant. CROP+ is a nutritional product designed to support plant tolerance to abiotic stress, improving yield and quality of crops. Its multiple modes of action and multi-disciplinary approach help plants treated with CROP+ perform better. The Details Support the natural genetic expression of plants Helps reduce the effects of abiotic […]