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Enhance turf growth and performance

Developed at Los Alamos National Laboratories, Nutri-Grow® phosphite products are specifically formulated as fertilizers for turf and ornamental crops, including golf courses, cut flowers and tree farms. They combine patented formulations of phosphite and organic acids developed by the University of California-Riverside to deliver enhanced plant growth, root development, flowering, transplant establishment and color development. Nutri-Grow stimulates plants to fix more carbon dioxide, increase carbon metabolism and improve plant nitrogen assimilation efficiency. It is a great golf course fertilizer enhancer that works on cut flowers and tree farms.

The details

  • Enhanced plant growth, rooting, root development, flowering, transplant establishment and improved color development
  • Superior uptake, metabolic stimulation, and plant health response
  • Improved disease resistance and immune responses
  • Improved tolerance to heat and drought
  • Improved salinity and sodicity tolerance
  • Tank-mix compatibility and proven synergy with many other chemistries
  • Foliar or soil application flexibility

Application Guidelines

Nutri-Grow may be applied by air or with all types of ground spraying equipment, soil spraying/injection equipment and through certain types of irrigation systems. Allow at least one week between applications.

See label for full list of registered plants and application rates.


This product is compatible with most commonly used foliar pesticides, chemically neutral fertilizers and micronutrients. It is not recommended to use this product with surfactants or adjuvants that lower pH. Avoid mixing with oxidizing chemicals including, but not limited to, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and other sterilants.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Nutri-Grow application rate?

Several factors can influence Nutri-Grow’s application rate, including crop type, growth stage, and soil type. Generally, we recommend allowing at least one week between each application.

Are there any risks associated with using Nutri-Grow as a turf fertilizer?

When used correctly, Nutri-Grow is safe for use as a turf fertilizer and can be applied by air or by using ground spraying equipment, soil injection equipment, and certain types of irrigation systems. When applying turf fertilizer, follow the instructions and avoid excessive application. Excessive application may lead to nutrient imbalances or potential environmental risks.

Can Nutri-Grow expire, and if so, can the turf fertilizer still be used?

Nutri-Grow, like any other fertilizer, has a shelf life of x. Always inspect the product packaging for the expiration date. Expired fertilizer may not deliver the desired results, and we recommend using unexpired products for optimal efficacy.

How does Nutri-Grow work?

Nutri-Grow provides essential nutrients to turf, facilitating healthy growth and development. The Nutri-Growth formula contains a balanced blend of primary macronutrients and micronutrients proven to support the turf’s nutritional needs and enhance root development, color, and overall vitality.

Can Nutri-Grow be added with other crop inputs and fertilizers?

Nutri-Grow can typically work in conjunction with other inputs and fertilizers. However, it is imperative to review its compatibility with the specific products already in use. Refer to the product labels or seek advice from one of our knowledgeable specialists to ensure proper application and avoid negative interactions.

How does Nutri-Grow fit into my fertilizer program?

Nutri-Grow can easily integrate into your existing fertilizer program as a supplement to provide supplemental nutrients that the soil may lack. Incorporating Nutri-Grow can enhance the overall potency of your fertilizer program and ensure your turf receives a well-rounded nutrient supply.

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