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Nutrition Made-to-Order

A plant’s diet isn’t one-size-fits all. Verdesian Life Sciences provides custom blend and granulation services to improve nutrient balances and plant health. Don’t need custom work? We sell raw materials by the truck, rail or barge load.

custom blend Custom Blend Services

Managing nutrient deficiencies in specialty crops, turf and ornamentals often require customized solutions. We work with our dealers to develop formulations that work with both Verdesian Life Sciences’ proprietary products and conventional chemistries.

Our process begins with a soil or petiole test, to help assess specific macro- and micronutrient deficiencies. Next, we do further lab testing to ensure the guaranteed analysis and shelf life of the formulation before providing your quality fertilizer mixture. For more information or to request your own customized product, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Granulation Granulation Services

Verdesian offers Contract Manufacturing and Toll Processing of Granulated Materials for multiple industries. When you work with Verdesian on your granulated product needs, you can take advantage of our economies of scale in purchasing and processing multiple components into a single, customized homogeneous granulate. Our customers realize savings due to reduced purchasing, receiving, storage, handling and inventory costs. In addition, we also offer contract manufacturing and toll processing of granulated materials, to help you reduce production costs without sacrificing the benefits of a high-functioning final granule. Some of the Verdesian Granulation Services benefits include:

 Volume processing from a minimum of 100 tons to a maximum of 5,000 tons
 Large on-site warehouse for ease of distribution
 Fully automated process that feeds, weighs, mixes, compacts, granulates, sizes and packs in accordance with customer requirements
 Pilot plant with full service product development capability
 20+ years experience in large-scale compaction and granulation operations
 Comprehensive laboratory with ICP and AA capability
 Ability and desire to work with customer setting up testing procedures and specifications

Raw Materials Raw Materials

Order fertilizer ingredients in bulk. The following are available in full truck, rail and/or barge quantities:

 Black Iron Oxide (magnetite)
 Copper Oxide (Cu-75%)
 FeEDTA (Fe-13%)
 Magnesium Oxide (Mg-54%)
 MnEDTA (Mn-13%)
 Manganese Oxide (Mn-60%)
 CuEDTA (Cu-15%)
 Zinc Oxide (Zn-72%)
 Borax 5 Mole (B-15%)
 Citric Acid Anhydrous
 Copper Sulfate (Cu-25.2%)
 Dolomitic Limestone (Ca-21.1%, Mg-10.9%)
 Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous (Mg 19.8%)
 Sodium Molybdate (Mo-39.4%)
 Manganese Sulfate (Mn-32%)
 Sulfate of Potash (K2O-50%, S-18%)
 Zinc Sulfate (Zn-35.5%)
 Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) (Ca-18%, S-15%)

What People Say About Us

Stephen Eschenbach

“Thanks for creating such an effective micronutrient for our growers.”

Stephen Eschenbach

Maryville, MO


“Reducing waste and giving me more time with FlexConnect puts more money in our pockets.”

Kyle Mote

Mote Farm Service, Union City, Indiana


“We like not having to worry about having inoculant left at the end of the day. We don’t have to worry about it going bad by the morning. FlexConnect has allowed us that flexibility.”

Roger Dyson

North Central Coop, Mentone, Indiana

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