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Specialty Crop Disease Management

Take down diseases before they take hold

Fungi-Phite®is a fast-acting phosphite fungicide proven to help take down diseases before they take hold of crops. When environmental conditions are just right for disease and the stress that comes along with it, Fungi-Phite helps to fight PhytophthoraPythium, downy mildew and brown rot, as well as blue and green mold and other crop diseases. In addition, this fungicide prevents disease through multiple sites of action, inhibiting the development of resistant strains

Available in a liquid formulation, Fungi-Phite is an excellent fit for integrated disease management programs, and offers a solution for more than 20 varieties of crops including citrus, leafy and fruiting vegetables, berries, brassicas and tree nuts, as well as turf and ornamentals. It’s a cost-effective, flexible option for disease control and suppression, helping optimize crop quality and yield potential in addition to disease management.

The details
  • Suppresses and controls over 20 active diseases
  • Effective and proven results on more than 20 crop varieties
  • Effective on turf and ornamentals
  • Increases production of natural fungicides (phytoalexins)
  • Low environmental toxicity
  • Offers flexible application options, including tank-mix compatibility with most micronutrients and pesticides

Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use.

Application Instructions

Fungi-Phite can be applied through various application methods, including foliar spray (aerial and ground), soil drench, soil incorporation and bare root drip. The use of spray adjuvants will enhance this product’s performance.

See the label for a full list of registered crops, diseases treated and application rates.


This product is compatible with most products used in agriculture; however, crop sensitivity to these mixtures may vary. Before tank mixing a combination that has not been previously used, it is recommended to test the mixture’s compatibility using a jar test.

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