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The Nutrient Use Efficiency People

Everything we do is geared around providing the best in NUE products. Our ability to do that is because of the dedication, the experience, and the knowledge of our people.

What Values are Core to Our Business?

We are a company built on a foundation of people, and our core values reflect that passion and belief. Everything we do has the best interest of our people in mind.

Core Values

These five traits drive everything we do, and everything we are at Verdesian.

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Mission and Vision

At Verdesian, we enable a sustainable future for farmers through nutrient use efficiency.


We are committed to supporting a world that is fair, one that offers opportunities to all. In addition, progress today should not be at the expense of the future.

Why this matters

DEI: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We encourage opportunities for people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, religion, nationality, race, and more.

Rooted in NUE

Since 2012, Verdesian has been committed to the research and development of nutrient use efficiency technologies that make farming more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable.


Paine Schwartz Partners teams up with industry executives to build an innovative plant health and nutrition platform


Verdesian acquires Biagro Western


Acquisition of Northwest Agri Products (NAP), INTX and Plant Syence


Acquisition of SFP and QC Corp


Appointment of Kenny Avery as CEO, creation of management, sales, and R&D teams


Commercial launch of MicroSync and next generation AVAIL T5 and N-Charge G, Commercial launch of SEED+ GRAPHITE


AEA acquires Verdesian; Verdesian acquires Cytozyme, Commercial Launch of Trident- The Scoop’s Runner-up for New Product of the Year


Verdesian celebrates 10th anniversary


Appointment of Clare Doyle, CEO

Where We Are Headed

As the global Leaders in nutrient use efficiency, we are running fast, spending every day creating new NUE solutions for growers. With hundreds of passionate employees, thousands of retail location and partners, tens of thousand hours of research and development, and millions of acres results, we are just getting started.


Everything we do starts with our foundation of people. We are laser-focused on hiring the right employees, training them in excellence, and empowering them to go out and make a difference.

Product Pipeline

With a deep bench of research and development, we are well positioned to introduce the products and technologies for the next generation of agriculture. We have scientist in the lab, boots in the field, and eyes on the horizon for NUE solutions.


We can’t do it all on our own. Nobody can. We rely heavily on an ecosystem of agricultural partners across the globe. We lean on on progressive distributor partners, reliable suppliers, forward-thinking ag retailers, the leading research/technology institutions, and other like-minded companies to progress forward the NUE message. All biases aside, we believe we have the best partners in agriculture.


We sell products from Indiana to India and almost everywhere in between. Though the cultures and geographies may be different, we want our customers to experience “One Verdesian.” That mantra is formed by a belief in operational excellence. We are dedicated to providing quality products that are created, handled and delivered safely and on time so you can use them when you need them.

Who are the Nutrient Use Efficiency People?

We have the best people in the business leading our future.