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ReKovery 2-0-21 is a potassium acetate fertilizer designed for foliar application on plants to prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies that may limit crop growth and yields. ReKovery is water-soluble and nontoxic to plants when applied as directed. For best results, apply ReKovery according to plant tissue or soil analysis recommendations.

Potassium plays a key role in plant chemistry and physiology. Not only does potassium stimulate early growth, but it plays a vital role in the movement of nutrients, water, and carbohydrates within the plant’s system. Because not all soil naturally contains the ideal levels of potassium, potassium fertilizer helps to increase protein production, promote the efficiency of water use, and enhance the plant’s natural defense against insects and other threats to crop failure.

Because potassium is such a vital nutrient, growers must use quality potassium fertilizer to support their crops’ growth. ReKovery’s carefully curated potassium acetate fertilizer is designed to provide efficient foliar potassium that quickly enters the plants’ systems and begins supporting optimal translocation of potassium throughout the entire plant and root system. As a result, crops obtain more described characteristics, such as color, size, taste, and shelf-life.

ReKovery’s potassium acetate fertilizer can be used as a safe foliar feed that stimulates root production, strengthens natural plant defenses against disease, and activates absorption during critical growth phases. As a chlorine-free low-salt and water-soluble potassium, this potassium acetate decreases the likelihood of leaf burn during potassium leaf absorption. Complexed by key plant-based amino acids that can be metabolized by the plant and help penetrate into the leaf surface provides sufficient plant uptake of potassium. That said, ReKovery’s potassium acetate is a highly compatible tank mix that blends seamlessly with other fertilizers and pesticides.

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Benefits of Potassium Acetate Fertilizer

Potassium is an essential nutrient for crops because plants require large quantities of potassium throughout their life cycle. Especially when soils do not have adequate potassium supplies, growers must invest in quality potassium fertilizer to promote healthy growth. Potassium fertilizer promotes vigorous plant growth and enhances the quality of crop yields. ReKovery offers a water-soluble, low-salt, neutral pH Potassium that is designed to maintain the optimal level with the crop. Among other benefits discussed below, some of the benefits of foliar potassium acetate fertilizer include:

  • Enhanced growth and productivity.
  • Promotes quality of size, shape, color, shelf life, and taste.
  • Improved quality of crops due to rapid uptake.
  • Chlorine-free potassium that is safe for soil.
  • Correction of nutrient deficiencies.
  • Low salt potassium makes ReKovery safe for in-furrow and foliar applications.
  • Strengthened stress response and resiliency.
  • Safe foliar feed for plants, seeds, and soil.

Promotes a Healthy Root System

Regardless of if growers opt for drip irrigation or center pivot potassium, ReKovery potassium acetate aids in the optimal development of a thriving root system. Crops require large, continuous quantities of foliar potassium acetate to sustain growth, which is supported by a healthy root system.

Reduces Respiration

Potassium acetate fertilizer reduces the plants’ rate of respiration by preventing both water loss and energy loss. Potassium helps plants maintain turgor pressure, which directly impacts water loss, wilting, and transpiration by the leaves.

Regulates Stomata

Potassium is important for the regulation of the opening and closing of the plant’s stomata. The stomata function as the plants’ regulatory system for exchanging water vapor, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Because plants that are deficient in potassium become stunted and often have reduced yield, the use of potassium leaf absorption and potassium fertilizer promotes efficient photosynthesis and food formation.

Facilitates Protein and Starch Synthesis

Potassium uptake through the soil, fertigation or foliar application enhances the translocation of essential sugars and starches, potassium acetate fertilizer facilitates protein and starch synthesis. In addition, potassium increases the crops’ protein content. As a result, potassium acetate can help improve the color, size, flavor, taste, and shelf life of crops.

Increases Resistance to Crop Disease

Crops require a strong defense to become resistant to disease and failure. Potassium is a crucial compound that promotes resistance and resiliency by helping crops build strong cell walls that not only increase its defense against disease, but also help the plant hold strong against insect attacks, drought, and frost. ReKovery is a potassium acetate formulation containing key amino acids to help penetrate into the leaf surface for late season foliar or fertigation applications.

The details

  • Target markets: Vegetable, Field, Permanent Crops, and Professionally Managed Landscaping
  • Target Usage and Application: Foliar and Soil Nutrient

Application Guidelines

  • Dilute one part ReKovery 2-0-21 with 20 or more parts water.
  • Apply by spray method with an adequate amount of water that will provide complete coverage of the plants.
  • ReKovery can be included in a regular spray program on crops.
  • Consult with a Verdesian Life Sciences representative on compatibility with other spray materials.
  • The rate of application will depend on the crop, stage of growth, and severity of deficiency.
  • For more information on application click here

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