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Scientific Progress Requires Disruption

At Verdesian Life Sciences, we use advanced science to maximize the health of every plant. See what our nutrient use efficiency solutions can do for you.

Nutrient Solutions Matter

Yields have never been higher. Farming has never been more precise. Technology has revolutionized agriculture. Yet our greatest challenge remains maximizing the health of every plant.

At Verdesian Life Sciences, we use advanced science to disrupt chemical, physical and biological relationships among crops and their environment to find new interactions that benefit plant performance, water quality and soil health. See what our nutrient use efficiency solutions can do for your farm.

Balance Nutrient Uptake

When plants take up nutrients that work together to achieve peak metabolism, they are able to reach maximum potential. But when a single nutrient overpowers the others, the scales tip against a crop’s success.

To help synergize the nutrient uptake process and bring balance to a plant’s metabolic system, Verdesian developed patented nutrient technology that optimizes how and when nutrients are delivered to crops, as well as how crops respond to them. This helps ensure more efficient nutrient absorption, stabilizing a plant’s metabolic system and improving its performance.

Boost Plant Metabolism

A plant’s growth and performance depend on its ability to consume organically- and synthetically-derived nutrients that help it meet its genetic potential. The more nutrients a crop is able to absorb, the higher chance it has at meeting its yield potential.

Using targeted metabolite technologies, Verdesian’s signaling chemistries generate a natural hunger in plants, causing them to take in more nutrients and develop stronger, faster.

Increase Nutrient Availability

As soon as you apply fertilizer, nutrients begin transforming. Some reactions within the soil result in the unavailability of significant amounts of fertilizer for plant use due to loss to the environment or fixation in the soil.

Verdesian’s soluble polymer technology works in the microenvironment around the applied fertilizer to keep nutrients accessible to crops from application to harvest. As a result, plants have access to more available nutrients from emergence through grain fill, and growers get a greater return on their fertilizer investment.

Sunflower field

Supplement Growth with Phosphites

Plants receive phosphite through their roots and leaves, encouraging vigorous growth. Verdesian’s phosphite technologies give plants an extra boost, resulting in more vigorous plant growth and performance.

Promote Plant Health with Inoculants

Our inoculants provide more efficient rhizobia strains to enhance the symbiotic relationship between legume plants and these naturally occurring soil bacteria. By adding rhizobia to the seed, these superior nitrogen-fixing bacteria help increase effective nodulation, and in turn produce more nitrogen for the plants. More and better rhizobia mean more nitrogen and greater yield potential.

Shield Plants from Yield Loss with Biologicals

Contrary to popular belief, naturally occurring organisms can be your best defense against yield loss. They benefit the soil and plants to help protect your crops against disease. By identifying and producing these organisms, Verdesian uses their mutualistic relationship with plants to your advantage. We couple soil biology with modern science to help shield you from yield loss.

Feed the shrimp and cows on farm

Improve Animal Performance

Verdesian deploys innovation and ingenuity to develop ecologically friendly solutions for the global aquaculture & animal production markets. Our proprietary multi-stage production processes use cutting-edge technologies to create specialized postbiotic/fermented solutions that maximize every pond’s and every animal’s potential.