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Verdesian 360 is our opportunity to share tools and resources pertinent to our company goals and objectives.

Leaders in Digital Engagement and Influence

We continue to learn and improve when it comes to digital marketing. Our home page continued to be the site with the most organic sessions (2,022) in February; however, our Products page was next with 930. As a whole, we have seen some 69,000 organic impressions of our site over the past three months, and increase of 10 percent Year over Year (YoY). Our SEED+ Graphite page (37,072 sessions) is the most popular page YoY when it comes to sessions, with our home page coming in second at 13,140 – which speaks to strong SEED+ Graphite digital campaigns. AVAIL (7,499), Trident (4,898), Preside Ultra (4,612) and MicroSync (3,932) round out the top six pages when it comes to sessions.

We are also able to learn more about the users and visitors to our site. Fifty-eight percent of our isitors are male, while 42 percent are female. Almost 1,000 visitors (989) have clicked on product videos to watch over the past few months, while almost 4,000 (3,914 to be exact) pdfs have been downloaded.

Digital marketing continues to be an ever-evolving and fluid area, one that we continue to improve and adapt.

Leaders in Digital Engagement and Influence

Establish Active Global VIP Network

Strategic International Market Expansion and Support

Product LCM and Launch Excellence

Bold, Cohesive Global Brand – “THE Leaders in Nutrient Use Efficiency”

Seamless M&A Integration and Execution

Establish Active Global VIP Network

V.I.P. Platform

  • Important Deadlines
    • March 15: All Verdesian NUE University Incentivized Learning Plans Must be Completed to be Eligible for the Learning Incentive (gift card)
    • June 15: V.I.P. Points Allocation Must be Entered in V.I.P. Points Redemption Website
      A Verdesian account manager can log-in with the primary contacts credentials and allocate the Points.
    • August 31: All V.I.P. Points Plans Must be Executed
  • National Sales Meeting & V.I.P. Summit
    • Mark Your Calendar: National Sales Meeting July 25-27 & V.I.P. Summit July 27-29
    • Save-the-date Email to be Sent to Current V.I.P.s in March
    • Current V.I.P. with <$1M in sales will receive two invitations and >$1M will receive three invitations.
    • More Information to Come on Inviting Prospect V.I.P.s
  • Prospective V.I.P.s
    • If you have a prospect for the V.I.P. Platform, please add them to the “2022_2023 Prospects” tab of this Google Sheet (internal use only).

Product LCM and Launch Excellence


Social Proofs

Product Line Manager Cody Reynolds is still soliciting for Social Proof Testimonials. Sign up your retailer and/or growers here. Look for Cody to reach out to individuals for help on this if they don’t fill up! These social proofs will be utilized through ads, social media, and on the MicroSync product page. A retailer can even earn a $100 gift card for participating!

Quarterly Postcard/Email Blast

As part of the “Targeted Micronutrients” campaign, you have the ability to sign up your retailers for quarterly postcard and email blasts that will complement the digital campaign message.

Social Media Competition

Reminder: #microsync Madness is running!

We are down to the final days to encourage your contacts who use, sell, and know MicroSync to make a social media post that showcases their opinion about the product. Have fun with it! The top engaging posts will be entered into a competition to win a seat on an adventurous hog hunt with Helibacon. If your contact is the winner, YOU WILL ALSO EARN A SEAT TO PARTICIPATE!

To participate is simple: Have anyone you know create a post – with a picture, video, testimonial, etc. – about MicroSync and tag #microsync to enter. Let Cody know if you need help or an idea. Thanks to those who have already participated – or had their customers participate!

What People Say About Us


“We love MicroSync Pro. The ease of handling at our blend plant makes it easy for our blenders and operators. It has a flexible application window. We use it either pre-plant or as a top-dress application.”

Donnell DeLosh

Arnold, NE


“We have a lot of variance in our soils but MicroSync Pro gives us almost all of the micronutrients needed in one simple-to-handle product.”

Brad Bargstadt

Randolph, NE


Spring Promo Kits

  • It is the most crucial time of the year for seed treatments & inoculants as the planting season is just around the corner. Brand new promotional materials are available for Preside Ultra (postcards, vinyl banners) and Primo R1 (postcards) to help increase demand.
  • Dozens of dealers have signed up to receive the Inoculant Promo Kit (includes: grower postcards + display banner + Verdesian-branded items). If you want a promo kit sent to your dealer, please contact Josh Abdo in the next week to make sure supplies are available.

Digital Advertising

  • We continue to run targeted digital campaigns for Preside Ultra (soybean inoculant) and Primo Power CL (peanut inoculant).
  • The Ads are appearing in front of staff at strategic accounts, large-acre growers, and to anyone searching relevant keywords!

New Animal Nutrition NUE Course

  • We are happy to introduce a brand new Verdesian NUE University course which overviews Lumensa, Verdesian’s leading animal feed additive!


Product Line Manager Josh Griffin has worked to produce a series of videos that highlight some of our key retail partners. Click these links to view them:


The SEED+ Graphite campaign is currently being rolled out, which includes:

  • A refreshed SEED+ Graphite product page with refreshed messaging, new graphics and the label/SDS right on the page
  • 7,000+ demo kits hitting the countryside (deliveries start early next week)
  • Digital ad support in Cornbelt, South and West
  • Print ad support in Top Producer and No-Till Farmer

Bold, Cohesive Global Brand – ‘The Leaders in Nutrient Use Efficiency’

Verdesian Life Sciences is pleased to be a Contributor Sponsor of National Ag Day 2022. This year’s Ag Day will take place on March 22, 2022. The purpose of Ag Day is to celebrate (and increase awareness of) agriculture’s vital role in society. Please visit to learn more about this wonderful day and to check out the events surrounding it.

If you would like to promote Ag Day and Verdesian’s involvement, please consider these social media posts between now and March 22:

  • Verdesian is committed to the growth of our nation’s agriculture. Join us on March 22 as we celebrate
  • National Ag Day. #AgDay22 National Ag Day is March 22, 2022. Please join us in celebrating the dedication of America’s farmers and farm families. Learn more at org #AgDay22
  • America’s farm families are stewards of the land, water and air. March 22, 2022 is National Ag Day — a great time to thank farmers for all they do. There’s more at org. #AgDay22

Seamless M&A Integration and Execution

SKU Consolidation

In 2021 we de-activated almost 1,000 legacy Verdesian SKUs, which will allow us to avoid renewing over 600 state registrations that were not being used. The team just identified almost 500 legacy Cytozyme SKUs (43% of all SKUs!) that will also be de-activated. This will save a significant amount of unnecessary regulatory work and will help free up resources for new registrations to grow sales globally. As products are being registered globally, we are moving the legacy Cytozyme products to the Verdesian label design and branding, with Paraguay and Spain as the first countries going through the transition.

Strategic International Market Expansion and Support

The international team continues to grow with the recent announcements of new positions to support international sales, operations, regulatory and marketing teams. There has been strong cross-selling between the legacy Verdesian and Cytozyme teams, with international demand growing quickly. Keep up the great work!

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