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Verdesian 360 is our opportunity to share tools and resources pertinent to our company goals and objectives.

Leaders in Digital Engagement and Influence

We continue to learn so much when it comes to digital marketing and engagement.

Over the past year, we have seen almost 245,000 users to our website, including more than 300,000 sessions. Those users come from all over the world, including the United States (80% of visitors), India (almost 8%), Canada (4%), and China (2.5%), among others. Among products, the SEED+ GRAPHITE page was the most visited product page with 156,778 page views, with AVAIL (32,324) and AVAIL T5 (30,614) and MicroSync (20,131) rounding out the top four.

In November, the home page saw 4,514 sessions from organic search, which is an increase +7.1% year over year (YoY).

The home page was once again the most visited page on the site in November with 1,601 sessions (+1.7% month over month).

In other organic news:

  • We saw an increase in sessions to our “International” /international/ and “Canada” /ca/ pages.
  • We are continuing to see more sessions this past month come from desktop users (2,732) than mobile (1,731).
  • Females make up roughly 40 percent of the visitors to the Verdesian home page.

We continue to track a number of keywords and their Google ranking improvements. Here are some notable improvements from the month of November:

  • “pitpro” jumped 17 positions from #32 to #15 (desktop), as well as, “pit pro” which went from position #21 to #12 on desktop
  • “specialty fertilizer products” went from #5 to #3 on desktop
  • “nutrisphere” and “fungi phite” are both now ranking #1 on mobile
  • “rhizobium inoculant suppliers” went from #5 to #4 on mobile

Digital Advertising

In November, we continued promoting AVAIL T5, SEED+ GRAPHITE, Take Off LS, CROP+, as well as the Verdesian brand, in their respective campaigns via digital advertising campaigns.

Establish Active Global VIP Network

V.I.P. Points Redemption Website

  • This new and improved website is where all earned V.I.P. Points can be allocated and redeemed by retailers enrolled in the 2021/2022 V.I.P. Platform.
  • An email outlining the use of the website and how to initially log-in was sent to the primary contact of each enrolled retailer on December 1st. The earned Points are loaded in the site under the primary contact’s user account.
  • All V.I.P. Points must be allocated in this website by June 15, 2022, and fully redeemed by August 31, 2022. The business plan completed for each retailer will include a V.I.P. Points use plan section. Any Points not allocated by June 15th will be forfeited. V.I.P. Points cannot be redeemed for cash, are non-transferable and expire at the end of the program year, August 31, 2022

Verdesian NUE University

  • New and updated courses will be available later this month. A communication will be sent to the primary contact person of each V.I.P. retailers alerting them to this rollout.
  • A V.I.P. retailer can use their V.I.P. Points on Verdesian NUE University Incentive Funds to incentivize their retail staff and/or growers to complete a Learning Plan, a set of designated courses.

Strategic International Market Expansion and Support

International Product Registrations

Please note that an international registrations committee led by Andrew Duff is prioritizing new product registrations globally to support sales growth with key customers. More to come on this!

Update to the Canada Product Guide

  • This product guide was recently slightly updated for the 2022 season with all the new strategic VLS products registered in Canada.
  • As mentioned in the last Verdesian 360, we included a printed insert of the guide in every Western Producer magazine this November (27,000 copies sent across Canada).

Product LCM and Launch Excellence

SEED+ activitiesSEED-w-Tag-300x97

There are a host of SEED+ activities in the works, according to Product Line Manager Joe Vaillancourt, including:

  • Refreshed retail kit
  • Available demo kits
  • New features on product web page
  • Promotional items and wearables
  • Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, and maybe a couple ads

Stay tuned. More to come on this!

MicroSync support

Product Line Manager Cody Reynolds is currently soliciting for “social proofs” – customer- and user-generated content regarding product performance. You can access the sign-up sheet here.

Based on this, we will be running a #microsync social media contest, starting in January. This contest will be open to anyone with experience with MicroSync (grower, retailer, distributor – even Verdesian employees!). Here’s how it will work: Post onto social media (and tag @verdesian and use the hashtag #mirosync) a picture, video, sales pitch, experience for a chance to win a branded prize valued at $150.

The contest will continue all year with a new winner’s name drawn each month with an opportunity to win more than once!

ReKovery asset updates

Three new ReKovery sell sheets were recently produced and are now available on the Verdesian Playbook:

Inoculant AssetsPRIMO-R1-K-300x48

Including these as a friendly reminder, several Primo R1 assets have been updated with new information & branding. All have been added to the Playbook and to Brand Central for ordering:

Seamless M&A Integration and Execution

SKU Consolidation

The main activity for SKUs is de-activating almost 1,000 SKUs in the US of legacy Verdesian products and eliminating over 600 state registrations. The group tasked with this is going through the same process with legacy Cytozyme SKUs internationally and expect to de-activate another 200-300.

Cross-selling Opportunities

Cross-selling has already started with the first sales coming in India of AVAIL, NutriSphere, Primacy ALPHA and Take Off ST. There was also recently sales of NUE-Charge G and MicroSync in Brazil. We plan on launching several Cytozyme products under the Verdesian brand in the US in 2022.

Bold, Cohesive Global Brand – ‘The Leaders in Nutrient Use Efficiency’

One thing that leads to being “cohesive” when it comes to our brand is consistency. Along those lines, here are links to the Verdesian Style Guide, as well as links to our Verdesian corporate and product logos. Much thanks to LeRoy Lemke for driving this.

  • Verdesian Style Guide
  • Product Logos
  • Corporate Logos

Trident up for New Product of the Year

As a reminder, our Trident technology is one of 10 finalists for The Scoop/Farm Journal’s “2021 New Product of the Year!” The winner will be chosen by vote; the deadline to vote is January 1, 2022. Please go here to vote for Trident:

To qualify for this recognition, each of the 10 products had to be available for stocking for the 2021 season or preorders and be specifically focused for use or sale by The Scoop readers—retailers, agronomists and crop consultants.

Here is what The Scoop said about Trident:TRIDENT-w-tag-300x81

Verdesian Trident is a nitrogen stabilizer providing protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss– volatilization, nitrification and de-nitrification. Trident is made of Verdesian’s patent-pending combination of a co-polymer and solvent blend with active ingredients NBPT and DCD. With three formulations (Trident, Trident V and Trident N), the product can be blended with UAN or urea fertilizer.

In its initial trials, Verdesian says Trident gave a 4.6% yield increase versus untreated acres across 16 sites and 80 replications in 12 states. Trident has a flexible use rate of 1.5-2.5 quarts per ton of fertilizer. While maintaining performance, growers can lower chemical load per acre up to 40% compared to other NBPT-based products.

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