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Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer

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What is AVAIL Fertilizer Enhancer?

AVAIL fertilizer enhancer reduces the fixation of applied Phosphorus, keeping more of it available for plant uptake and maximizing your fertilizer investment. It can also retain Phosphorus in a form that is more accessible to the plant for a longer time. AVAIL fertilizer enhancer stops or lessens the conversion of soluble Phosphorus fertilizer into a less soluble form.

Ever gone out to your fields and tossed a stack of hard-earned money into the wind? That might as well be what you do when you apply Phosphorus (P) without AVAIL fertilizer enhancer. After all, crops typically can only access 25% of the Phosphorus that’s applied each season, making it highly inefficient.

Stunted growth and discoloration are just a couple of examples of inefficient Phosphorus in your farmland. Without a fertilizer enhancer to protect that Phosphorus you spent money and time applying, your crops aren’t getting the nutrients you invested in. With AVAIL® granular and liquid Phosphorus fertilizer enhancer, you can actually get what you paid for. And if you really want to up your applied Phosphorus efficiency, go with AVAIL T5, which offers even better performance, handling, storage, and ease-of-use so you can get the job done right. Instead of a quarter of the applied P, your crops can utilize up to 45% more Phosphorus with AVAIL fertilizer enhancer. That way you’re not just throwing money into the wind.

Unlock Phosphorus potential

From the Farmer: Put AVAIL to the Test

The patented polymer technology in AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer reduces the fixation of applied Phosphorus, keeping more of it available for plant uptake.

Positively charged elements like calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron can cause Phosphorus to become fixed in the soil. But AVAIL reacts with these ions, shielding Phosphorus fertilizer from fixation. More available P can lead to rapid, early growth; healthier crops and stronger yield potential, and AVAIL fertilizer enhancer has been proven to keep up to 45% more of applied Phosphorus available to your plants regardless of source or timing.

AVAIL fertilizer enhancer protects Phosphorus on more than 59 million acres of U.S. farmland, giving growers across the country a greater return on their Phosphorus fertilizer investments.

The details

  • Increased efficiency of Phosphorus for increased uptake in the plant
  • More robust roots and stalks
  • Improved stress resistance
  • Effective protection for both dry and liquid Phosphorus fertilizers


Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use of any granular or liquid Phosphorus products.

AVAIL for Granular Phosphate Fertilizers is designed specifically to be evenly sprayed on granular phosphate fertilizers at a rate of 0.25% or ½ gallon of AVAIL per ton of granular phosphate fertilizer (2.1 liters per metric ton).

AVAIL for Liquid Phosphate Fertilizers (liquid P) is recommended for use at a rate of 0.5% (0.5 gallons of AVAIL with 99.5 gallons of liquid tank mix). AVAIL concentration needs to be 0.5% of total tank mix.

AVAIL-treated phosphate fertilizer (liquid and granular) should be applied to the soil in the same manner as phosphate fertilizers without AVAIL.


AVAIL is designed to reduce the fixation of phosphate fertilizers in any soil type and to be used with any crop where phosphate fertilizer is deemed by best management practices to be useful for plant growth and development.

Trial Data


Average yield increases

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