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Verdesian 360

Verdesian 360 is our opportunity to share tools and resources pertinent to our company goals and objectives.

Leaders in Digital Engagement and Influence6-pillars-600x635

Verdesian continues to make inroads when it comes to digital marketing and engagement. For instance, this past month, in October, our company homepage,, saw 6,438 sessions from organic search, which is an increase of +24.8% month over month (MoM) and +39.7% year over year (YoY), based on our analytics.

The homepage was the most visited page on the site in October with 1,643 sessions, followed by the /seed-graphite/ page which brought in 899 organic sessions (an increase of +877.2% MoM).

The /crop/ product page had a strong month of growth with 200 total sessions, a +1,150% increase MoM.

Here are a number of keyword (Google) ranking improvements to note from the month of October:

  • “surfact” improved 4 positions from #10 to #6 (mobile & desktop)
  • “surfacted” went from #6 to #3 on mobile (#4 to #3 on desktop)
  • “ncharge” is now ranking #1 on both mobile and desktop (was at #4 and #3)
  • “avail fertilizer” went from #2 to #1 on mobile
  • “specialty fertilizer products” went from #6 to #5 on mobile
  • “peat inoculant” improved by 6 positions and is now ranking #14 on mobile, #15 on desktop
  • “nutrigrow” went from #15 to #12 on desktop (#17 to #13 on mobile)
  • “calplex” went from #15 to #12 on mobile
  • “iron sulphate fertilizer” improved 6 positions from #22 to #16 on desktop

Establish Active Global VIP Network

  • 2022 V.I.P. Retreat
    • Registration for eligible internal and external invitees ends this Friday (11.12)
    • Flights will be booked the week of November 15th.
    • Refer to the “V.I.P. Platform: V.I.P. Retreat Invitation Email Sent” email sent November 1st from Terri Bryant for additional details.
  • V.I.P. Points Redemption Website
    • Credentials will be provided to the primary contact for each enrolled retailer later this month.
    • The V.I.P. Points usage plan will be included in the business plan completed with the retailer.
    • All V.I.P. Points must be allocated in this website by June 15, 2022 and must be executed by August 31, 2022.
  • 2021/2022 V.I.P. Platform Master List
    • Internal Use Only – The majority of program information about your retailer(s) can be found here.

Strategic International Market Expansion and Support

We are pleased to share this video that highlights Verdesian’s focus as the GLOBAL Nutrient Use Efficiency People. Special thanks to RK Goyal, Joe Olesko, Emmanuel Hequet and CEO Kenny Avery for sharing their thoughts on what excites them about being a global company.

Introducing the Canada Product Guide

  • This product guide is updated for the 2022 season with all the new strategic VLS products registered in Canada.
  • In addition to making it available to you, we are including a printed insert of the guide in every Western Producer magazine this November (27,000 copies sent across Canada).
  • Please pay attention to is the inclusion of a QR code on every product page to direct to the Canadian website. This will make it easy for customers to learn more & get the latest information at all times.

Accolade Marketing Promotion

  • A full-page ad & article featured Accolade seed treatment. Accolade grew over +100% YOY.
  • Instead of just pushing product knowledge, we are pleased to feature a customer success story from IAP in Saskatchewan.
  • The article will be featured by SeedWorld/Germination in both their digital & print mediums throughout Q4.

Product LCM and Launch Excellence

‘More with Less’

  • Now is the perfect opportunity to become the trusted advisor and help our customers fertilizer investment go further with AVAIL T5.
  • With sky-high P prices, limited availability of P fertilizer and increasing environmental/political pressure to apply less, we have the perfect opportunity to provide solutions to help mitigate these scenarios with our nutrient use efficiency portfolio.
  • Lead the charge with the AVAIL Efficiency chart to make sure the “AVAIL Acre” is the right acre for your customers.

Inoculant Assets

To support the strategic growth of Verdesian’s Primo R1 soybean inoculant this season (with or without FlexConnect), several Primo R1 assets have been updated with new information & branding. All have been added to the Playbook and to Brand Central for ordering:

Bold, Cohesive Global Brand – ‘The Leaders in Nutrient Use Efficiency’

This new video explains how important Nutrient Use Efficiency is to everyone — and everything we do — at Verdesian.

Seamless M&A Integration and Execution

SKU Consolidation

The main activity for SKUs is de-activating almost 1,000 SKUs in the US of legacy Verdesian products and eliminating over 600 state registrations. According to Tyrus Oakes, we are going through the same process with legacy Cytozyme SKUs internationally and expect to de-activate another 200-300. “This will free up Regulatory resources by not renewing registrations that aren’t needed and we will be able to focus on registering new products in new geographies.”

Cross-selling Opportunities

Cross-selling has already started with the first sales coming in India of AVAIL, NutriSphere, Primacy ALPHA and Take Off ST. There was also recently sales of NUE-Charge G and MicroSync in Brazil. We plan on launching several Cytozyme products under the Verdesian brand in the US in 2022.