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Verdesian 360

Verdesian 360 is our opportunity to share tools and resources pertinent to our company goals and objectives.
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Leaders in Digital Engagement and Influence

In December, we continued to promote some products and technologies across our digital platforms though it should be mentioned that we invested less in digital due to the buying cycle of our customers. Of priority were AVAIL® T5 and SEED+™ GRAPHITE, as well as the overall Verdesian brand. Overall, Search campaigns brought 237 conversions to our website in December, with a 98.6% increase in conversion rate and a 46% decrease in cost per conversion compared to November as we added a new conversion action for Product Video Clicks.

In December, our website saw 4,529 sessions from organic search, which is a decrease of -1.3% month over month (MoM) and an increase +13.8% year over year (YoY). The minor decline in MoM is most likely due to holiday traffic.

While we were continuing to see more sessions last month come from desktop users (2,460) than mobile (1,091), December did showcase more mobile sessions to the site than previous months.

Here are a number of keyword/Google ranking improvements we’d like to note from the month of December:

  • “flex-connect” jumped 9 positions from #19 to #10 (mobile), as well as, “flex connect” which went from position
  • #17 to #10 on mobile
  • “avail phosphorus fertilizer enhancer” went from #10 to #7 on desktop
  • “buph” moved on to page one of search results and is now ranking in position #9 on mobile and desktop
  • “microsync” went from #10 to #8 on mobile
  • “avail phosphorus” went from #8 to #5 on mobile (and from #7 to #4 on desktop)

Establish Active Global VIP Network

Now is a great time to begin business planning with your V.I.P. Points. No better time than now to plan with your account and maximize these resources that were given to grow your business.

V.I.P. Points Redemption Website

  • Verdesian NUE University
    • Enrollment is open for all V.I.P. retailers. The “Verdesian NUE University: New & Updated Courses” email was sent to the primary contact of each enrolled retailer in late December. If a retailer is interested in using earned V.I.P. Points for this incentive, they’ll need to:
      • Enter a Verdesian NUE University Incentive Funds order in the V.I.P. Points Redemption website. I will then set-up the primary contact’s Verdesian NUE University user account.
      • Enroll users in an incentivized Learning Plan in Verdesian NUE University.
      • All users enrolled in an incentivized Learning Plan will have until March 15th to complete the courses in the assigned Plan(s) to be eligible for the gift card in the designated amount.
    • This education platform isn’t just for V.I.P. retailers. If you have a non-V.I.P. who would like to enroll their staff members, please send the point person’s name and email address to Terri Bryant.
  •  V.I.P. Retreat
    • Click here for details on travel and COVID-19 requirements. This document will be updated as new or updated information becomes available.
    • Pre-event Mailing: A hard copy of the flight itinerary along with other important trip information will be sent via mail several weeks prior to the trip.
    • V.I.P. Retreat Final Details Email: This email will be sent two weeks prior to the trip. This will include a link to detailed trip information covering departure from the US/Canada to arriving back home. This document should answer most questions attendees have.
  • National Sales Meeting & V.I.P. Summit
    • Mark Your Calendar! This year’s meeting & event will be held in Nashville, TN July 25-29 (NSM July 26-27; V.I.P. Summit July 27-28). More details to come.

Product LCM and Launch Excellence


Social Proofs

Product Line Manager Cody Reynolds is still looking for Social Proof Testimonials – Sign up your retailer and/or growers here.

Look for Cody to reach out to individuals for help on this if they don’t fill up! These social proofs will be utilized through ads, social media, and on the landing page. A retailer can earn a $100 gift card!

Quarterly Postcard / Email Blastseason-long

As part of the “Targeted Micronutrients” campaign, you have an ability to sign up your retailers for quarterly postcard and email blast that will go along with digital campaign message.

Please sign up any of your retailers here.

Social Media Competition #microSync

Be on the lookout within your favorite social media platform on how you, your customers, their customers, etc. can join the #microSync campaign to win cool prize packages!

We will need help from everyone within Verdesian to get this going, so please participate and encourage your MicroSync users to join.


Price List & Program Available21.0607-Preside-Ultra-Grower-Banner300├u250 (1)

Digital Advertising

  • We have also launched new Preside Ultra (soybean inoculant) and Primo Power CL (peanut inoculant) digital PPC campaigns!
  • In addition, there is a brand new Accolade product page on U.S. website

FERTILIZER ENHANCERS SUPPORTverdesian_trident_2021_february_300x250

Be on the look out for the Fertilizer Enhancer suite of products in the marketplace! You’ll see them highlighted in various state & national publications, on social media & various other digital avenues, on billboards, radio spots and more.
The most up to date sales presentations for Trident, N-Charge/NutriSphere & AVAIL T5 can be found on playbook under “Marketing Collateral” in the presentations tab.

Under the presentations tab for Trident & N-Charge G/Nutrisphere in the Verdesian Playbook is a Nitrogen Stabilizer Messaging slide. This slide breaks down the messaging differences between the two “swim lanes” moving forward. Polymer only products (N-Charge G/NutriSphere) have a proven track record of increasing Nitrogen use efficiency & combination products (Trident) protect against all three forms of Nitrogen loss making it the new industry standard in Nitrogen loss prevention.

SEED+ SUPPORTInnovation_336x280-300x250

There have been a barrage of SEED+ tools and assets hitting the marketplace so far in ’22. Digital banners and print ads are inundating growers all over the United States. Look for this blitz to continue into the summer.



Virtual Media Day on Jan. 12

In addition, on Product Line Manager Joe Vaillancourt held a Virtual Media Day with select key members of the ag press on January 12. This was an opportunity to showcase the technology to key editors and reporters. Out of that Media Day came a number of articles touting the SEED+ message, including:

Bold, Cohesive Global Brand – ‘The Leaders in Nutrient Use Efficiency’

Trident a runner-up for New Product of the Year!

Our Trident nitrogen technology was the runner-up for The Scoop/Farm Journal’s “2021 New Product of the Year!” The winner was chosen by online vote. Thanks to everyone who voted!

This isn’t the only award of note to mention. The Verdesian Life Sciences R&D team recently won an award at the 2021 World Biostimulant Conference in Florida based on a paper presented by Dr. Pawel Wiatrak, Technical Development Manager, called Effect of Novel Biostimulant on Crop Production, Phosphorus Availability and Phosphatase Activity. The judges voted Wiatrak’s presentation for an Innovation & Sustainability Award on the second day of the biostimulant event.

“It’s a tremendous honor to win the vote for Innovation & Sustainability for that day. The conference attracts the major players in agricultural biostimulants, so it is especially satisfying because these are our peers,” Wiatrak said, adding that he, along with Global Director of Biologicals R&D Dr. Elizabeth Wozniak and former lab specialist Esther Shanti, deserved equal recognition for their authorship.

Learn more about the award here.

Seamless M&A Integration and Execution

SKU Consolidation

The main activity for SKUs is de-activating almost 1,000 SKUs in the US of legacy Verdesian products and eliminating over 600 state registrations. The group tasked with this is going through the same process with legacy Cytozyme SKUs internationally and expect to de-activate another 200-300.

Strategic International Market Expansion and Support

On the Strategic front, continue to look for legacy Cytozyme product registrations submitted to be prepare for the launch of these products in the United States. More to come!

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