The Verdesian Life Sciences R&D team recently won an award at the 2021 World Biostimulant Conference in Florida based on a paper presented by Dr. Pawel Wiatrak, Technical Development Manager, called Effect of Novel Biostimulant on Crop Production, Phosphorus Availability and Phosphatase Activity. The judges voted Wiatrak’s presentation for an Innovation & Sustainability Award on the second day of the biostimulant event.

“It’s a tremendous honor to win the vote for Innovation & Sustainability for that day. The conference attracts the major players in agricultural biostimulants, so it is especially satisfying because these are our peers,” Wiatrak said, adding that he, along with Global Director of Biologicals R&D Dr. Elizabeth Wozniak and former lab specialist Esther Shanti, deserved equal recognition for their authorship.

The study looked at how a novel biostimulant technology increased crop production through enhanced microbial activity, acid phosphatase activity, and available Phosphorus (P) in the soil. This novel biostimulant technology has been one of the key building blocks of several biostimulant products by Verdesian, including BioActivator a great biostimulant solution for 2022. Through the aforementioned studies, BioActivator has been proven to efficiently improve P availability and uptake – which can be crucial for growers feeling the pressure of sharply rising fertilizer costs.

“BioActivator will be an effective and sustainable solution for growers looking to get the most out of their P applications,” Wiatrak said. “Across 64 trials, we saw a positive yield response 95 percent of the time, which is very strong.”

BioActivator will be available in a limited capacity in Spring 2022, with full availability expected by the fall. To see the presentation by Wiatrak, click here.

Congratulations to Pawel, Elizabeth and Esther, along with the entire Verdesian R&D team.