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Primo Power CL

Liquid in-furrow peanut inoculant

Primo Power CL, a higher concentration liquid in-furrow inoculant for peanuts, is designed to maximize plant growth with specially selected strains of rhizobia. Primo Power CL enables healthier plants right from the start and maximizes yield potential with increased nodulation.

Primo Power CL liquid peanut inoculant generates a healthier plant right from the
start, providing the potential for more nodules and thus more nitrogen, resulting in
better yield potential.

Primo Power CL aids in boosting yields by helping peanut plants reach more of
their full potential. More nodules mean more nitrogen to the plant, resulting in better yield potential.

Primo Power CL peanut inoculant contains multiple strains of rhizobia that have been selected and
produced to perform well under stress to ensure optimum performance in all conditions.

With one of the highest rhizobia concentrations in the industry, Primo Power CL
delivers 4.5 billion (4.5 x 10^9) colony-forming units (CFUs) of rhizobia per gram to
the plant. This high concentration inoculant ensures the highest level of aggressive rhizobia
to produce larger amounts of peanut-producing nitrogen.


Looking for more information on our family of Primo products?

  • Primo R1 is a super concentrated soybean inoculant
  • Primo GX2 is an in-furrow, multi-action granular inoculant


Primo Power CL Peanut Inoculant FAQs:

How does an inoculant for peanuts make a difference?

The Primo Power CL peanut inoculant produces healthier plants from the start. It increases seedling vigor, improves stand count, and enhances root mass development for better water and nutrient uptake. Put simply, a peanut inoculant leads to a better yield for your plants and a better bottom line for you.

Why does additional nodulation matter?

Additional nodulation enables more available Nitrogen to the plant. This increases the potential number of pegs and pods that are set. 

Does Primo Power CL work in harsh planting conditions?

Yes! This peanut inoculant is a liquid, dual-action, in-furrow, granular inoculant that contains multiple strains of rhizobia. These rhizobia have been selected and produced to perform well in even harsh environmental conditions.

What is Peanut Power?

Peanut Power is an economical, hopper-box peanut inoculant that is specially formulated to increase seed adhesion better than other peat products, as well as have 10 times the Nitrogen. It’s formulated with the same quality rhizobia strains as the Primo product lineup and packaged to treat 100 pounds of seed with each container.

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