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Premier organic rhizobium inoculant for successful nodulation

N-Dure™ is one of the most economical planter box seed inoculants for sale on the market for obtaining nitrogen fixation. Packaged as a pre-mixed, humus-based organic product, N-Dure’s high rhizobia count and potency can yield results in a wide range of conditions, and is effective on alfalfa, soybeans, peanuts, cowpeas, peas, lentils, garbanzo/chickpeas, sainfoin, alfalfa, and a variety of cover crops and true clover crops. For a successful growing experience, match the proper N-Dure seed inoculant strain with the legume seed being planted. N-Dure is distinguished as an OMRI-certified organic inoculant.

No special equipment is needed for application, and best results occur when N-Dure is mixed with a small amount of water to aid in seed adhesion and applied at the time of planting. N-Dure seed inoculant is not recommended on first-year ground treatments. This inoculant is available in bacterial strains and treatment sizes to match any legume inoculation.

The details

  • Obtains effective nitrogen fixation through a high rhizobia count to ensure successful nodulation
  • Works with any type of planting equipment
  • Packaged in multiple sizes to accommodate any size producer

Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use.

N-Dure may be applied in a slurry or directly onto the seed. Follow label instructions for slurry application rates. Applying the inoculant dry is recommended for seed that is pre-treated with fungicide; however, maximum seed adhesion will not be obtained through dry application methods. N-Dure can easily be applied at the planter box.

See label for full list of registered crops and application rates.

What crops is N-Dure available for?

Please see the table below to find the right SKU for you.

Crop SKU
N-Dure for Pea, Vetch, Lentil 20002401000 (6X1500 lb), 20003070000 (72×100 lb)
N-Dure for Chickpea/Garbanzo 20002418000 (6X1500 lb)
N-Dure for Dry Bean 20002382000 (6X30 unit)
N-Dure for Soybean 20002317000 (35X6 unit), 20002315000 (6X30 unit)
N-Dure for Peanut 20003080000 (72×100 lb)
N-Dure for Sainfoin 20002354000 (6×1,500 lb)
N-Dure for Alfalfa/True Clover 20003077000 (72×50 lb)
N-Dure Cover Crop (Canada only) 20006096000 (4×500 lb)

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