CARY, NC – Verdesian Life Sciences recently finished in the top three for a BioAg Innovator Award at the BioAgTech World Congress for its newest Phosphorus efficiency technology, the soon-to-be-released Phree-uP. This new product builds upon the long line of Verdesian Phophorus products such as AVAIL and AVAIL T5 with technology that protects applied Phosphorus from being tied up in the soil while also making the Phosphorus already in the soil more available to the plant.

The BioAgTech World Congress, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2-5, 2023, is a major industry event that offers networking, educational sessions and the latest technological advances within the biological and agribusiness industry.

“It’s always an honor to have one of your products recognized, but it’s even more exciting when it’s noted for being among the most innovative products in the whole world and when you are recognized for rigorous testing and development,” said Chris Ferreira, Verdesian’s Director of Marketing & Business Development, LatAm & Iberia. “We congratulate all the winners, and we are proud that Phree-uP received this wonderful accomplishment.”

In addition, Verdesian’s Molly McGrath, Technical Development Manager, gave a presentation at the BioAgTech World Congress about Phree-uP.

“Our ability to present our next-generation technologies at this event just speaks to the evolving momentum that we are gaining not just in South America, but all over the world,” said Ferreira. “We are truly seeing a nutrient use efficiency revolution take hold all across the globe. And we are just getting started.”

The 2024 BioAgTech World Congress will be held April 24-26, 2024, in Verdesian Life Sciences’ backyard of Raleigh, N.C.

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