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The agricultural industry has seen a reduction in farm income this year. Commodity prices have been on a steady decline, and farmers are looking to their dealers for advice on where to cut production costs without jeopardizing their yield potential.

Research at major land grant universities, such as Kansas State University, has shown that combining AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer with applied phosphorus gives crops a stronger chance of achieving higher yields.

Phosphorus enhances plant root systems, by stimulating early growth, making them stronger and lengthier. It also helps crops fight off environmental stressors, an important advantage for plants to have when facing Midwest weather variability. AVAIL helps farmers make the most out of that essential nutrient, regardless of the amount applied.
This third-party, university research has produced credible results that farmers can trust. As shown in the charts above, higher yields were achieved by plants that received phosphorus pre-treated by AVAIL.

Ryan Bond, Ph.D., vice president of marketing and technical development for Verdesian Life Sciences, supports farmers’ efforts to improve phosphorus efficiency. “Some farmers are looking to cut back on production inputs,” said Bond. “It’s important for them to know AVAIL allows them to do that by improving the phosphorus efficiency across a wide range of application rates they do apply, giving crops the greatest chance to be healthy. AVAIL improves phosphorus by reducing lock-up in the soil and improving plant uptake.”

These university results are a strong reference for farmers struggling with decisions on where they might potentially reduce production costs. “The compelling evidence of this research should help growers feel confident about potentially reducing rates while maintaining a strong yield,” Bond adds. Bond recommends that growers use AVAIL with their fall-applied P to give plants the strongest chance for the greatest results. “Applying AVAIL with your liquid and granular P this fall will help maintain strong corn yields, even if phosphorus rates are reduced.”

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