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Alfalfa & Clover Inoculant

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Capture more nitrogen for improved seedling growth

Nitrogen fixation is a critical component for producing higher yields in alfalfa and other clovers. Pre-Vail™ is a ready-to-use, clay-based inoculant designed to improve early seedling vigor through increased root development and excellent nodulation. Pre-Vail not only contains high levels of rhizobium for nitrogen fixation – 100 million viable cells per gram – but it’s also infused with azospirillum bacteria, a biological growth enhancement liquid.

The details

  • Used as a inoculant on seed in a seed build-up coat
  • Infused with an additional 100 million azospirillum brasilense cells per gram to help boost plant health and improve stand establishment
  • All formulations available in the United States have been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

Application Guidelines

Use Pre-Vail to inoculate only the supported legume(s) found on the label. Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use.

Dry Application
Pre-Vail should be applied to dry, clean seed. Do not use water or any sticking agents or adhesives to wet the seed. Pre-Vail will adhere to the seed naturally.

Coating Application
Pre-Vail can be used as an alfalfa and clover inoculant in seed coating or build-up process. It is important to allow the seed coat to be permeable by oxygen.

Re-Inoculation of Previously Inoculated Seed
Slowly screen seed to shake off excess inoculant material, then re-inoculate with Pre-Vail, following the recommended application rates and expiration dating.

Inoculation of Seed Mixtures
Start off by applying the Pre-Vail clover and alfalfa inoculant to each legume seed component of the mixture separately, using the appropriate rhizobial strain for each legume. Then, blend the inoculated components together into the final seed mixture for bagging.

See label for full list of registered plants and application rates.


Pre-Vail is compatible with most fungicide seed treatments when applied dry. Contact a Verdesian representative at 800-350-4789 for a complete list of compatible fungicides.

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Crop SKU
Pre-Vail for Alfalfa/Sweet Clover 20002381000 (1X6000 lb)
Pre-Vail for True Clover 20002379000 (1×6000 lb)
Pre-Vail for Alfalfa/True Clover Combo 20002377000 (1×6000 lb) 20002372000 (25X100 lb)
Pre-Vail for Bird’s Foot 20002378000 (1X6000 lb)

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