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N-Charge® – Legume Inoculant

Premium, High-Adhesion Legume Inoculant

Increase seed adhesion for proper nodulation using legume inoculant

N-Charge® is a legume inoculant specially formulated to increase seed adhesion over traditional planter box inoculants by as much as 150%. Better seed adhesion means more inoculant in the root zone for proper nodulation, which is key when growing a healthy viable bean, lentil, or pea crop.

Formulated with specific rhizobia to give optimal performance for peas, lentils, dry edible beans, chickpeas, and garbanzo beans. N-Charge, a premium legume inoculant (e.g. bean and pea inoculant), eliminates the need to make a slurry when using a hopper box treatment.

The details on N-Charge legume inoculant

  • Better seed adhesion
  • Enhanced nodulation, leading to higher crop yields
  • Easy application; no seed bridging or lodging

Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use of the N-Charge legume inoculant.
Plant inoculated seed as soon as possible. If seed is not planted within 24 hours, it is recommended to re-inoculate.

See label for full list of registered crops and application rates.

Crop SKU
N-Charge for Pea, Vetch, Lentil 20002393000 (6X1500 lb)
N-Charge for Chickpea/Garbanzo 20002417000 (6X1500 lb)
N-Charge for Dry Bean 20002397000 (6X30 unit)
N-Charge for Soybean 20002331000 (35X6 unit) 20002307000 (6X30 unit)

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