Cary, N.C. (July 27, 2016)

As planning begins for the next growing season, Verdesian Life Sciences adds Primo Power CL™, a new liquid inoculant, to its seed enhancement portfolio. This peanut inoculant opens the door for more nodules, which provide more available nitrogen to increase the potential number of pegs and pods that are set.

“Peanuts that get a faster, healthier start and develop a larger root mass can improve the crop’s chances for reaching its genetic potential for greater yields,” said Kurt Seevers, technical development manager at Verdesian Life Sciences. “Its concentrated liquid formulation offers a convenient, lower use rate for more efficient application.”

Designed to increase peanut yield potential, Primo Power CL is applied in furrow at planting, and improves root development and stand count. The product is an evolution of the company’s original Primo Power inoculant, which has been proven to deliver more profit per acre than industry competitors.

Its specially selected strains of rhizobia are also proven to help peanuts perform in a wide range of soils and in unfavorable conditions. “Primo Power CL gives growers the confidence that the rhizobia bacteria is there to give their peanuts the best chance to nodulate and grow,” said Stan Deal, technical sales representative for Verdesian Life Sciences. “They’re setting their crops up for success.”

By maximizing the amount of nutrients available from planting to harvest, Primo Power CL improves stand count, raising yield potential.

Important: Always read and follow label use directions.
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