November 5 – Cary, NC – Verdesian Life Sciences is strengthening its commitment to bring proven nutrient use efficiency technologies used in United States agriculture to Central and South American Growers by hiring four new local agronomic experts to the regions.

“Interest in improving crop yield and quality by growers in Mexico, Central America and South America using greater nutrient use efficiency technologies is driving our growth demand and the need for increased representation in central and South America,” said Kenny Avery, CEO for Verdesian Life Sciences.

“The success of these Verdesian technologies in the US and across other parts of the global needs to be brought to these regions of the world,” said Augusto Meneses, Director, Sales & Product Development for Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. “The new team for Latin America will enable Verdesian work more effectively with crop advisors, growers, and our local distributors and strategic partners to learn and understand, apply enhanced efficiency fertilizer technologies to their seed and crop nutrition plan to maximize their crop yield and quality.”

As pressures mount for growers across the globe to increase volume production while access to natural resources to fertilize crops continues to decrease, growers will increasingly look to new agricultural technologies to improve nutrient use efficiency to achieve greater production.

For growers in Central and South America, fertilizer cost is a major concern along with availability. Nutrient efficiency technologies will help growers control their crop input costs while increasing their yield gain opportunity. Nutrient efficiency technologies will also help growers produce higher quality crops, a key factor in a grower’s ability to meet export market requirement standards.

Sergio Melloni is South America managing director of Verdesian Life Sciences South America S.R.L. with responsibility for the business in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. Melloni brings over 25 years of experience in biologicals where he developed several functions in the financial and marketing areas. Since 2014 he was responsible for the commercial biological business in South America of Monsanto. Since 2009 he was responsible for the biological business in South America for Merck and Novozymes. Sergio has a degree in Agribusiness and a master’s degree in economics.


Federico Strimmer is agronomy and regulatory affairs manager in South America at Verdesian. Federico has more than 30 years of experience in the agro-biologicals and agrochemicals industry. He worked with Hoechst, Agrevo, and Aventis as manager of agronomy and regulatory affairs. He was also with Novozymes as a chemical synthesis manager.


Pablo Giustetti is sales & marketing manager for Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay at Verdesian. Giustetti has 18 years of experience in the industry of biologicals and vegetable seeds working for and with Nitragin, Merck, Seminis, Novozymes and Monsanto in these countries.


Valter Toledo is sales & marketing manager for Brazil and all Brazilian states at Verdesian. Toledo worked 18 years at BASF providing technical support, sales, and marketing in several areas of the company. He has worked for Nitragin, Novozymes and Monsanto BioAg for 11 years throughout a number of mergers and acquisitions. Is a certified agronomist and graduated from the School of Agronomy of Paraguaçu Paulista.

About Verdesian
Verdesian Life Sciences enables a sustainable future for farmers through nutrient use efficiency (NUE). Grown from the ground up in 2012, Verdesian Life Sciences offers farmers and growers biological, nutritional, seed treatment and inoculant technologies that maximize performance on high-value row crops and specialty crops, as well as turf and ornamental plants. With its headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, Verdesian has production and manufacturing facilities strategically located in Pasco, Washington; Kentland, Indiana; Cape Girardeau, Missouri; and North Lima, Ohio that produce and custom blend large-scale or small volume runs of liquid and dry formulations. As a 4R Nutrient Stewardship Partner, Verdesian is committed to researching and developing environmentally and financially sustainable products. Further information about Verdesian is available at

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