CARY, NC + COLUMBUS, OH – Verdesian Life Sciences, a global leader in nutrient use efficiency technologies for agricultural use, is pleased to announce a partnership with 3Bar Biologics.  The arrangement will allow both companies to work toward complementary solutions in both the nutrient use efficiency and biocontrols space.

“Verdesian is excited to work alongside a company like 3Bar,” said Dr. Kuide Qin, Chief Science Officer, Verdesian. “Philosophically, 3Bar is a tremendous fit as a partner. But even more important, they are like-minded in their search for high-quality and cost-effective solutions – something we embrace here at Verdesian.”

Verdesian and 3Bar have already begun work on some joint projects that will be announced in the future.

“Verdesian continues to be a leader in developing innovative solutions for pressing agricultural issues,” said Bruce Caldwell, CEO of 3Bar Biologics. “There is little doubt that through our combined efforts in the coming years, we will be able to offer growers all across the United States solutions that will help them do their jobs as well as possible, as well as secure their livelihoods for many years to come.”

About Verdesian
Founded in 2012, Verdesian Life Sciences offers patented biological, nutritional, fertilizer enhancers, seed treatment and inoculant technologies for high-value specialty crops, row crops, and turf and ornamental markets. Verdesian’s plant-health products, nutritional catalysts and seed treatments/inoculants help growers farm more efficiently to maximize yields. Verdesian’s technologies answer the needs facing agriculture including increasing pressures on food demand, supply and food safety. Verdesian remains committed to the research and development of environmentally sustainable products. Further information about Verdesian is available at

About 3Bar
3Bar Biologics is the global leader in  delivery technologies for living microbe products. Delivering on their promise of stable, viable, fresh and pure microbe products for commercial agriculture, 3Bar partners with innovative companies to create and manufacture the highest quality and most cost-effective microbe solutions. For more information, visit

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