Yield results from 2017 through 2019 across a dozen sites in the United States showed that the use of Primo Power CL liquid in-furrow inoculant resulted in an improved yield increase in peanuts.

The use of Primo Power CL, from Verdesian Life Sciences, in the trials resulted in a combined 4768.4 lbs. per acre yield vs. 4650.2 with a base seed treatment. That’s a yield increase of more than 117 lbs. per acre. In addition, Primo Power CL resulted in an improved stand count over the base seed treatment.

“Primo Power CL has shown to aid in peanut yields all across the key peanut growing areas of the United States, especially the Southeast,” says Phil Shelley, Verdesian account manager. “Primo Power CL adds more nodules to the plant, resulting in more nitrogen. More nitrogen means the peanuts achieve better yield potential.”

With one of the highest rhizobia concentrations in the industry, Primo Power CL delivers 4.5 billion (4.5 x 10^9) colony-forming units (CFUs) of rhizobia per gram to the plant. This high concentration ensures the highest level of aggressive rhizobia to produce larger amounts of peanut-producing nitrogen.

“An inoculant is the most efficient way to supply the crop with nitrogen, and the process is natural to legume crops such as peanuts. More than that, peanut inoculants are proven to increase your profitability, and can be thought of as insurance that helps minimize risk and increase yield,” says Kurt Seevers, Technical Development Manager for Seed Treatments & Inoculants, Verdesian. “Primo Power CL contains multiple strains of rhizobia that have been selected and produced to perform well under stress to ensure optimum performance in all conditions.”

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Lindsey Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager