CARY, North Carolina – Growers across the United States know the importance of phosphorus (P) in their farming operations. After all, P is essential for plants to increase root growth and enjoy a healthier start. For decades, farmers have applied more P onto their soil in hopes of helping those crops get the jumpstart they need. At times, soil samples suggest there is enough P in the soil to meet yield plans – and in close proximity to the plant as well. The problem is that P is often fixed and not available to the plant. AVAIL® T5 Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer from Verdesian Life Sciences helps unlock that P that is fixed in the soil, making it available for the plant.

“Growers across North America are continuing to face pressures due to declining commodity prices and rising input prices,” said Nick Favret, Senior Product Director, Verdesian Life Sciences. “In addition, regulatory pressures all across America are spotlighting the increased need to be cognizant of the amount of P in the soil and water. That is where AVAIL T5 helps the most – by keeping more of the applied phosphorus fertilizer available for crop uptake. That means less lost to the environment where it can find its way into our lakes and streams. Our mission is to help farmers achieve strong positive ROI and continue to serve as stewards of the land as they have for generations.”

AVAIL T5 interacts with positively charged ions (calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron) in the soil. Those soil ions typically react with the phosphate ions from applied phosphorus, causing the applied phosphorus to become “fixed” in the soil. AVAIL T5 slows fixation by temporarily binding the positively charged calcium, magnesium, aluminum, and iron. The result is more P in solution and the formation of more soluble forms P minerals in soil. Keeping P fertilizer more soluble allows the phosphorus to spread into a larger volume of soil, increasing the opportunity for root interception. This improved P solubility and root interception results in greater P uptake by the crop. This new video illustrates how AVAIL T5 works.

“AVAIL technologies result in 30-45 percent more phosphorus being made available to the crop, according to our field trials,” said Todd Carpenter, Technical Development Manager, Verdesian Life Sciences. “These trials show that the increase in available P that AVAIL T5 provides results in improved early growth, better roots, stronger shoots and improved yields. In fact, results from 30 on-farm replicated strip trials in 2018 showed the use of AVAIL T5 on granular P resulted in a 3.8 percent average yield increase, while AVAIL T5 on liquid starters and pop-ups yielded 2.4 percent more – results which are tied to more of the P fertilizer being applied getting into the crop, which is less lost to the environment. That is important to everyone.”

Recent analyses indicate that two-thirds of the AVAIL T5 benefit is the increase in plant available P, and one-third of the benefit is from the improved early start of the crop with better early root development that allows the plant to better tolerate stresses throughout the season.

To learn more about AVAIL T5, call 800-868-6446, or contact your Verdesian Life Sciences technical sales representative.

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Lindsey Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager