CARY, North Carolina  – NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Enhancer recently obtained a Marketing Authorization (AMM) with a volatilization claim from ANSES, the French National Agency for Food and Environment Security, making the product from Verdesian Life Sciences the first to earn this claim. In addition, NutriSphere-N now has two recognized and validated claims: “Limitation of nitrogen loss by volatilization” plus “Improved nitrogen availability for the plant” for use on a wide range of crops. With this latest announcement, NutriSphere-N can apply a mutual recognition in granting its use in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and many other countries.

“This is a major regulatory achievement, not just for Verdesian Life Sciences, but for farmers all across the European continent,” said Kenneth Avery, CEO of Verdesian Life Sciences. “The loss of nitrogen is a very real and very significant issue to farmers all over the world, so the ability for growers in France to have access to a product like this which reduces N losses by volatilization means higher yields, increased crop production, and a less negative environmental impact.”

NutriSphere-N keeps more nitrogen from urea-based fertilizers available for plant uptake and to date, NutriSphere-N has been used successfully on more than 29 million hectares worldwide.

The validation of the nitrogen volatilization claim and the marketing authorization attained is the end-result of many years of dedicated regulatory work by the Verdesian team.

“This is a major regulatory achievement, one we do not take lightly,” said Avery. “We are grateful to have achieved this recognition in this region. We are also excited to see how this helps European farmers grow more with less.”

Media Relations

Matt Lail, APR
Director, Marketing Communications & Public Relations