CARY, NC — Beginning January 1, 2022, Verdesian Life Sciences’ NUE-Charge G™ (and any other NUE-Charge products) will be rebranded as N-Charge® G. This does name change does not impact the product or its features and benefits at all. Only the name of this product is changing.

NUE-Charge G will continue to be sold as NUE-Charge G through December 31. After that, the product will be known as N-Charge G.

“We have established some wonderful momentum with our nitrogen portfolio, and this name change does nothing to slow down that momentum,” says Kenny Avery, CEO.

“Momentum is the right word,” says Josh Griffin, Product Line Manager. “Our Trident technology was recently named a finalist for ‘New Product of the Year,’ and N-Charge G will continue to be an important product in our portfolio. We truly believe we continue to have the best nitrogen portfolio on the market.”



Media Relations

Lindsey Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager