LYRA-w-tag-300x113Verdesian Life Sciences is pleased to introduce Lyra, a premium nutrient management tool for fertigated specialty crops. Lyra offers a patent-pending combination of Verdesian’s co-polymer technology for season long nutrient stability and availability, including reduced nitrate leaching, PLUS technology for enhanced plant growth and flora production, and Take Off technology for improved nutrient uptake and utilization. This combination of technologies enhances abiotic stress tolerance and optimizes fruit set, quality, and yield.

“Lyra is a unique tool in the market that combines three technologies into one, designed to improve nutrient availability and utilization and to help with nitrate stewardship. Applied in conjunction with and proportional to seasonal Nitrogen needs, Lyra has shown very strong performance in the field in a variety of crops, and we are excited to showcase this new product to growers this season.” says Tyrus Oakes, Verdesian’s Product Marketing Director.

Trial results from 2019-2020 across six states and 10 different crops showed higher yields and better fruit quality compared to the grower standard practice, giving the grower a strong return on their investment.


To learn more about Lyra, visit or talk to your local ag retailer.

Media Relations

Lindsey Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager