NUE University is an online learning platform designed for crop advisers, retailers, and growers. It’s supported by Verdesian Life Sciences and began in 2018 as a way to help those in the agriculture industry learn about nutrient use efficiency practices and technology. The learning platform’s information is divided into 53 online, on-demand modules that provide knowledge on how to increase NUE, yield, crop quality, and ROI for agricultural production. There are 2,676 users of the platform to date and 8,480 courses completed, with the average user completing five courses. 

What is NUE (Nutrient Use Efficiency)?

If you are hearing more about “nutrient use efficiency” these days, well, that’s a good sign. In short, nutrient use efficiency – or NUE — is all about maximizing your nutrient investment. More crops. More yield. More food. More profit. We believe NUE is the next frontier for plant yield and quality. We recognize that key nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and more are just that – key. We can’t farm without them, but we can be smarter about how we use them. That is nutrient use efficiency.

What Does NUE University Offer?

The university includes a series of learning modules — 31 NUE courses and 22 product courses — focused on the issues those in the agricultural industry face today, as well as practical solutions. NUE education courses focus on topics like nitrogen management, soil acidity, phosphorus, and plant growth and development. Product courses highlight which products can address agricultural issues and how. Popular courses include Measuring and Calculating NUE, Phosphorus in the Plant, How to Set up Field Trials, and Fertilizer Management

The course information is provided by accredited university researchers, well-known agronomists, top crop consults, and other experts in the agricultural industry. Many of the courses qualify for CEU (continuing education unit) credits for CCAs. All modules are offered both online and offline and are user-friendly and self-paced, so even the busiest person can keep up. Users can also create their learning plan around their interests and the courses that are relevant to their customers and region, so you don’t have to spend time on modules that aren’t relevant to what you’re looking for.

Once registered, users will have immediate access to the course material, so it can be viewed anywhere, anytime. You’ll have the opportunity to log in whenever you want to brush up on topics or download material to refer to out in the field. 

What Kind of CEU Credit Can I Get?

The majority of NUE University courses are eligible for credit. CEU credit categories include:

  • Crop management
  • Nutrient management
  • Precision agriculture
  • Soil and water management
  • Sustainability

All a user needs to do is complete the course(s). Verdesian Life Sciences handles the submission of completed courses with CEU credits. 

Why Are These Courses Important to NUE?

Now more than ever, there’s pressure in the agricultural industry to grow more food on less land. It’s imperative for retailers and farmers to be educated on the latest knowledge and tools available to work smarter and achieve better quality and more cost-effective results. NUE University is designed to accelerate learning and help those in the industry practically apply it. The learning platform is a first-of-its-kind way to access information that can help shape the future of agriculture. 

“NUE University was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on agronomic topics relevant to my needs, as well as challenge myself to be educated in new areas to be more successful going forward. I really appreciated the unbiased instruction similar to taking an actual university level class, while being able to also take a separate Verdesian course about the same subject that was specific to a product or solution addressing that need. The classes were concise and easy to pay attention to, with questions following to ensure that I understood the scope of the material. I really look forward to continuing to challenge myself by using this platform to gain insight into topics of interest in the future!”

 Andrew Wilk
Regional Sales Manager

Ready to sign up for NUE University? Easily register here! For more information or questions about NUE University, you can contact Terri Bryant, Partner Engagement Manager, at