Derek Davidson’s agricultural legacy is as diverse as the ag itself. His mother managed a pecan farm for more than a decade when he was a child. In fact, the trees on Derek’s hobby orchard – on which he tests products today – were transplanted from that farm.

“Growing up in the valley in southern New Mexico, I was surrounded by ag,” says Derek, a Verdesian account manager. “It’s always been a part of my life in some form or another.”

The variety in Verdesian products and technology offerings is a source of pride for Derek.

“I love the diversity of crops I get to serve and seeing where they go. Walking through the grocery store and knowing the cows that produced that milk or cheese I just bought could have been fed with a crop that had SEED+GRAPHITE, Steric, or Primacy ALPHA on it, knowing the farms the pecan in the nut mix or the onions or chile or watermelons or potatoes could have been grown at and they could have had a VLS product that I sold applied on them. Or soon, even that bottle of wine or beer.”

Derek also takes pride in the consistency that Verdesian offers – as well as the innovation.

“There are a couple legacy products I have worked with for almost a decade and they are still as modern as many things newer to the market,” he says.  “I am also excited to see the new actives coming down the pike.”

In his spare time, Derek plays in his church’s worship band (he plays bass), and he currently serves as President of the Doña Ana Country Farm and Livestock Bureau. Beyond that, he enjoys elk hunting with friends in the Sacramento Mountains of southern New Mexico, as well as supporting New Mexico State University athletics.