Terri Bryant has been with Verdesian Life Sciences almost as long as there has even been a Verdesian Life Sciences. Maybe that sounds odd, but it’s true. Terri, who is the Director, Partner Engagement, started with SFP, a Verdesian legacy company a decade ago – prior to that company becoming a part of what would become Verdesian. During that time, Terri has seen a host of changes and developments here, including with respect to her own roles and responsibilities.

Her career with the company began as a Project Manager in the Marketing department to her leadership today with the Verdesian Innovation Partner (V.I.P.) Platform. Her work with the V.I.P. program began in 2017. Terri’s oversight with the V.I.P. program cannot be understated. The V.I.P. Platform has evolved and grown from 57 retailers in 2018 to more than 100 today. It has become, in many ways, the preeminent customer program in agriculture.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with and forging relationships with our retail partners,” she says.  

Terri’s long-time tenure with Verdesian also means she now has a decade of ag experience under her belt.

“Agriculture was a new industry to me just 10 years ago, but I’ve learned so much during this time from our retail partners, Verdesian peers and different training opportunities.

“I’ve found my home in agriculture.”

Terri’s Midwest roots run deep. She was born and raised (and still resides) in Kansas City with her family. She has two daughters, age 14 and 16.

“Both are going on 18,” she jokes.

When she’s not working, she loves time with her family on or near the water.

“Family is so incredibly important to me, and I value that time with them so much,” says Terri. “But I can also say I have truly found a second family through the relationships I’ve built with so many ag retailers and customers.”