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Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Dave Schwartz

Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Dave Schwartz

Dave Schwartz cares passionately about natural resources, especially the land and waters around his Iowa farm.

The only thing he cares more about is his family: wife, Tammy; four grown children: Bryan, Todd, Derek and Taylor; and his six grandchildren. And in his mind, the connection between land and family go hand-in-hand.

“My hobbies are my family activities,” says Dave. “We all enjoy hunting, fishing, attending grandchildren’s activities and farming my farm and my family’s farm. I love teaching about sustainable farming practices to preserve the land and improve water quality to allow my children and grandchildren (seen below) to continue to follow these practices to insure the value of the farms for the future generations.”

Agriculture is so inextricably linked to Dave’s life.

“Helping on the farm is all I’ve ever done since I was a child. Now it’s a great lifestyle to balance production along with recreational activities to provide an entire lifestyle of work and play on our most valuable resource: the land.”

Dave’s agriculture career has mirrored this passion. He served as vice president of new product development for Specialty Fertilizer Products and as sales manager for Van Diest Supply Co., as well as sales representative and trainer for Ciba Geigy. Today, as Executive Vice President of Plant Nutrition Sales, Dave is also passionate about the mission of Verdesian Life Sciences: Nutrient Use Efficiency. That deep-seated interest has led to his involvement with the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, where he currently serves as Chair of its Business Council.

“I started in the Nutrient Use Efficiency business 15 years ago because I saw a very bright future in the fertility enhancement side of production ag. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made in my career path,” he said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing new products to increase efficiency of fertilizers, seed treatments and micronutrients to the growers and retailers of the USA. It was a new space then, and I love educating and presenting the values these products bring.”

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