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Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Sean Yang

Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Sean Yang

The addition of Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., to Verdesian Life Sciences in early 2021 brought new categories to the Verdesian technology portfolio: Animal Nutrition and Aquaculture. And few know those industries better than Sean Yang.

Verdesian Life Sciences recently acquired Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., which bolsters our portfolio and strengthens our claim as The Nutrient Use Efficiency People. Along with the wonderful products and technologies that are now part of the Verdesian portfolio, we are also pleased to welcome extremely talented, dedicated colleagues to the Verdesian family. This edition of “Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People” profile introduces one of our newest Verdesian colleagues.


The addition of Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., to Verdesian Life Sciences in early 2021 brought additional experts from a handful of categories in the Verdesian technology portfolio: Animal Nutrition and Aquaculture. And few know those industries better than Sean Yang.

As an animal nutritionist and microbiologist for more than 25 years, Sean has conducted research in the fields of animal nutrition, aquaculture, and applied microbiology. He joined Cytozyme in 2017 as an R&D Director of Animal Nutrition, working on R&D and technical supports for animal nutrition and aquaculture products. He has been working for building a stronger technical platform: mode of action, trial database and meta-analysis, and technical support issues. To achieve this goal, he developed the biological activity assay methods using beneficial bacteria and microalgae such as Lactobacillus sp., Bacillus sp., and diatoms for discovering the mode of action and quality assurance of animal nutrition and aquaculture products. He also discovered modes of action of products focusing on animal physiology and metabolism, gut microbiome modification, and pathogens inhibition by competitive exclusion based on animals and aquaculture trials.

“Healthy microbiome in gut and aquaculture ponds is a key to successful and sustainable animal production and aquaculture operations,” says Sean.

Prior to joining Cytozyme, he researched at the Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Science Department at Utah State University as a visiting scholar, researching on feed ingredients and feed additives in dairy and beef cattle, and an in vitro fermentation model that stimulates rumen fermentation and evaluates the digestibility of a ration and end-product formation. He also worked with the animal feeds and biotechnology companies in South Korea as an R&D manager. Sean directed the R&D team in CJ Feed Institute at CJ CheilJedang Co., to develop the core technologies for animal feeds, including monogastric, ruminant, and aquatic animals. He also developed novel microbial products for animal and aquaculture, and manufacturing processes in CJ Bio Institute. Before CJ, Sean was an Executive R&D Director with a biotechnology company, working on egg yolk antibody development to control pathogenic bacteria and viruses for piglet, calf, shrimp, and human. Sean has a comprehensive understanding of different species of animal nutrition, aquaculture, and manufacturing technologies, including fermentation technology, of microbial products.

Sean obtained his M.S. degree and Ph.D. in ruminants nutrition from Konkuk University, South Korea, and researched on applied microbiology at Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology. He also researched and taught animal nutrition and microbiology in universities. Sean has been granted 43 patents for novel microbial strains, enzymes, antibodies, feeds, and fermentation technologies, etc. He also published 54 research articles and 35 abstracts/proceedings in the fields of ruminants and monogastric animal nutrition, aquaculture, and microbiology.

In his free time, Sean enjoys going out for walks with his​​​​​ wife and two daughters and practicing Taekwondo for a healthy body and mind.


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