Verdesian Life Sciences recently acquired Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., which bolsters our portfolio and strengthens our claim as The Nutrient Use Efficiency People. Along with the wonderful products and technologies that are now part of the Verdesian portfolio, we are also pleased to welcome extremely talented, dedicated colleagues to the Verdesian family. This edition of “Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People” profile introduces one of our newest Verdesian colleagues.

rkRK Goyal is deeply passionate about making sure farmers across India have access to the best agricultural products available with a technological edge. After all, that is his home grown from Punjab. And for more than three decades, RK has worked tirelessly to lead teams across multiple organizations to develop best-in-class agriculture technologies.

These days RK serves as Business Director for Marketing & Sales in South Asia for Verdesian Life Sciences. He is based in his home of Gurgaon (Haryana) in north India. In his role he with Agri Institutes and coordinates with Research Scientists for getting products tested and recommended on various crops. He also oversees the Plant Nutritional segment in getting crop yield maximizing concepts to growers in South Asia. Over the past three years, RK has worked with more than 100 seed companies on developing seed-coating segment in India, and he has promoted Integrated Nutritional Management implementation in various crops in north and western parts of India.

“My goal is to use my experience to work with growers to help understand their problems and provide them the sustainable crop solutions they need,” he says. “I’m also proud to bring an international experience to Verdesian – particularly with respect to Indian farmers’ progress – and adding smiles to their faces.”

Prior to joining Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., RK worked for Bayer CropScience for 16 years. He earned his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture from HAU Hissar (Gold Medalist) in 1988, and an MBA from NMIMS Mumbai. His past roles have seen him leading a team of more than 450 sales and marketing staff and managers all across India.

Family is monumental to RK. He has been married for 29 years to his wife, Meenu. RK is happy to say that his 81-year-old mother, with whom RK’s family happily lives, is with them in Gurgaon. RK’s son, Nakul, lives in Greenville, SC, where he and his wife, Sonali, both work for Volvo/Megna. RK’s daughter, Dhwani, works for Deloitte as a human resources executive.

RK starts most days with a morning walk. He also manages to do an hour of yoga and exercise every day. Outside of work, he enjoys maintaining plants at home, and he is disciplined when it comes to writing down his thoughts – both personal and professional. RK has maintained his diary for the last 20 years, which will be converted into an Agricultural Man book later on.