Verdesian Life Sciences recently acquired Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., which bolsters our portfolio and strengthens our claim as The Nutrient Use Efficiency People. Along with the wonderful products and technologies that are now part of the Verdesian portfolio, we are also pleased to welcome extremely talented, dedicated colleagues to the Verdesian family. This edition of “Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People” profile introduces one of our newest Verdesian colleagues.

If there is one person who has made it his goal to spread the news about the value of MAC Technology to growers all over South America, it would be Fernando Castro.

fernandoBased in Matão in São Paulo state, Brazil, with 22 experienced years working with Plant Physiology and Nutrition, Fernando works as Business Director for Verdesian, focusing on the Southern Cone part of the continent to the strategic Cytozyme partner of FMC of Brazil.

“I do this by showcasing the value of this technology to FMC in a way that seeks to them reach the strategic sales goals outlined,” he said.

He knows the technology well. Fernando came to Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., in 2013, first as Head Business Manager serving FMC’s strategic business and introducing MAC Technology to FMC’s core business.

“We worked together to develop strategies to differentiate MAC Technology from competitors and inserting our technology inside the FMC value proposition”

Prior to coming to Cytozyme, Fernando worked for the Stoller Group in Brazil. He also worked with Agricultural Pesticide Application Technology.

“This was a very challenging area in the quest to minimize losses of pesticides to the environment,” he said.

Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in Agronomic Engineering from UNESP in Jaboticabal and has a specialization in Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertilization from the University of Lavras as well as Marketing Business Administration of FAECA. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a Technical Assistant at DuPont do Brasil. fernando

When he’s not working, Fernando enjoys being with his wife Patricia, 11-year-old son Pedro, and their dog Baby. He also loves driving his old and historic Karmann Ghia with his family, teaching Pedro to drive his Bug car, and spending time observing plants such as orchids, araucaria bonsai and the garden of his house. Fernando also enjoys a good wine and a good beer with a good background music.