Many young boys dream of growing up to become professional athletes, firefighters or police officers. It’s rare the case where those childhood dreams come to reality. But not in the case of Verdesian’s Chris Ferreira. His childhood dream? To become an agronomist.

“Ever since I was little, I knew.”

A native of Brazil, Chris grew up on a farm.

“My father had a small farm where we used to grow coffee, corn, sugarcane and also produce milk and swine,” he says.

Chris-FerreiraThat genuine, homegrown interest led to a career where, since 2004, Chris has worked in ag, holding different positions in several departments within the crop protection and fertilizer sectors in Latin America and the United States. He holds a degree as an agronomist, a Master’s of Soil Science and Agronomy, as well as his MBA. He has been with Verdesian Life Sciences for a little more than a year as Business Development Manager for Latin America.

“Since I’ve joined Verdesian, I’ve been impressed with the quality and differentiation of Verdesian products and the company’s capacity to generate innovative products,” he says.

His ag career led Chris to live in various cities and regions all over the Americas. He and his wife, Fernanda, are the proud parents of three children: Antonella, who was born in Brazil; Heloisa, who was born in Panama; and Venancio, who was born in the USA. Today, the Ferreiras live in Tampa, Fla. In his spare time, Chris likes spending time outdoors and gardening, especially taking care the family’s exotic houseplants and orchid collection.