By: Ashley Hoffman

When I think of Women’s History Month I think of opportunity and how that has impacted my own life.

​​​​​​​Most people think I work in agriculture because I grew up on a farm. And while I grew up on a farm, my parents as 1st generation farmers made sure to tell us we could be anything we wanted to be. My mom was always a huge inspiration for me. Not only could she run our household, but she could plant crops and tend to the cows like no one else. She showed me that agriculture is a profession for anyone who wanted to pursue it.

I was in my third year of college as a journalism major when my path of life dramatically changed. I had dreams of being a broadcast journalist, but I hated my job in a clothing store and my mom suggested I quit and work on the farm for them. So, I took a leap of faith and before I knew it, I was hauling fertilizer, driving tractors, and helping with the cattle. And I loved it! I knew very quickly I wanted a life as a second-generation farmer and agricultural professional.

Being a woman in agriculture has always been a great experience. Even though I usually was one of a handful of ladies in the room I always felt welcome and apart of everything. I have had wonderful mentors and growers who always have made me feel so included and a part of their businesses.

I am blessed to work in this industry and even more blessed to be a mama to a 2-year-old little girl that I will also make sure she knows she can be anything she wants to be. Whether that’s a third-generation farmer, an agricultural salesperson, or anything she can dream up she can do it! We are so blessed to have these opportunities! Happy Women’s History Month!