Nutritional Catalysts, Seed Inoculants/Treatments and Plant Health Technologies

You've Been Challenged

Surging populations and tighter restrictions are making food production harder than ever. Our plant-health products, nutritional catalysts and seed treatments/inoculants are leading the charge to maximize yields and stay ahead of the growing demand.

Verdesian Life Sciences offers value-added and patented technologies for high-value specialty crops, row crops, and turf and ornamental markets. Our unique formulations deliver what plants need faster and more efficiently for optimal performance in both yield and quality.

Verdesian is raising the bar by aligning plant health and nutritional technologies to meet our customers' and growers' agronomic needs. In a world faced with increasing pressures on food demand, supply and food safety, we are committed to the research and development of products that are environmentally sustainable.

Tomorrow's Science Delivering Today's Returns

INTX logoVerdesian Life Sciences Acquires Specialty Fertilizer Products (SFP)

SFP offers a line of revolutionary products to improve fertilizer efficiency. The company's product offerings, AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer, NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager and More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager, are formulated to be added to a farmer's existing fertilizer to improve availability of the nutrients. Visit our Latest News section to learn more.

INTX logoINTX, a Verdesian Life Sciences company

INTX Microbials, LLC is a leading developer of inoculant products that enhance crop health and increase plant yield. The INTX portfolio contains a full line-up of legume inoculants, biological growth enhancement products, and water conditioning adjuvants for pesticide tank mixes. Visit our Latest News section to learn more.

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