Dave Davies - Verdesian Life Sciences

Dave Davies

Account Manager, Missouri, eastern Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado

Dave began his sales career with Sherwin Williams and spent 24 years working in several different locations and in management positions.  He made the move to agriculture in 2009 and has worked for Mid Kansas Coop, Farmway Coop and, for the last five years, with WinField United as a Customer Development Manager. Dave received his Certified Crop Advisor certification in 2014.

David was born in Manhattan, KS, but his family then relocated to Minnesota.  In 1982, he returned to Kansas to attend Kansas State University.  David currently lives near Abilene, KS with his wife, Lisa, and their son and two daughters. In his spare time Dave, enjoys archery, hunting, trapping and fishing and sharing that passion with his five grandchildren.

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