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N-Take™ Soybean & Pulse Inoculant

Premium Liquid Soybean & Pulse Crop Inoculant

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Ensure proper nodulation with a high bacteria count

N-Take™ liquid soybean & pulse crop inoculant stimulates free-living soil bacteria, enhancing your plants’ nitrogen uptake from the earliest stages of development through harvest. As a dual-action, custom-applied liquid soybean inoculant designed for commercial application, N-Take’s formulation exposes plants to more nitrogen.

With one of the highest bacteria counts in the industry, N-Take offers peace of mind in ensuring proper nodulation every time. Its low application rate of 1.75 oz./100 lbs. of seed also helps eliminate problems associated with bridging and clumping of seed.

The details on N-Take Liquid Soybean & Pulse Crop Inoculant

  • Boasts an unparalleled, high-powered nitrogen-fixing bacteria count per seed
  • Works with any type of in-furrow application planting equipment
  • No seed bridging and clumping
  • Easy-to-mix, easy-to-use

Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use of the N-Take soybean & pulse inoculant.

N-Take™ nitrogen-fixing inoculant can be seed-applied or mixed with water for in-furrow applications, and is available in packaged quantities to treat 2,500-10,000 lbs. Liquid inoculant should be placed as close to the seed as possible, due to rhizobia migrating slowly in the soil.

Plant into moist soils. Immediately irrigate the ground, starting with the seed that was planted first, as extended periods of hot, dry soils may have detrimental effects on the viability of the rhizobium.

Consult a Verdesian representative for a complete list of compatible seed treatments.

See label for full list of registered crops and application rates.

What crops is N-Take available for?

N-Take™ is available for soybeans, peas, vetch, and lentils. Please see the table below to find the right SKU for you.

Crop SKU
N-Take for Soybean 20006184000 (2X200 unit), 20002306000 (4X50 unit)
N-Take for Pea, Vetch, Lentil 20006185000 (2X10,000 lb), 20002839000 (4X2,500 lb)

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