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The Comprehensive Solution to Improved Gut Health and Thriving Animals

Adding Lumensa™ postbiotic to animal feed helps support animal health and unlocks performance by improving digestive and immune health. In fact, research shows Lumensa™ is a key piece of any animal nutrition program, particularly as farmers strive to unlock animal potential and performance.

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Multiple components work together to keep the gut healthy

An important piece of the gut health puzzle, Lumensa™ contains multiple components that fit together much like puzzle pieces to positively affect three areas:

  • Improved gut integrity
    • Improves lesion scores (helps support nutrient absorption, weight gain, animal health)
    • Promotes healthier villus growth (increases absorptive area and nutrient transport to help improve enzyme production and digestion)
    • Maintains gut barrier to reduce oxidative stress (supports healthy immune system)
  • Modified gut microbiome
    • Increase in beneficial strains
    • Higher energy-harvesting bacteria
    • Higher energy efficiency
    • Improved energy extraction from diet
  • Reduced* pathogenic bacteria
    • Less incidence of harmful bacteria in the intestine, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens

*Competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria.

Product Component Responces


– Prevent gut microbiota dysbiosis/imbalance

– Improve gut integrity and immunity

– Decrease oxidative stress

Seaweed Extracts – Decrease oxidative stress

– Support immunity and antimicrobial

Brewer’s Yeast – Improves gut integrity and immunity
Chelated /
Complexed Minerals
– Provides less reactive and bioavailable form of minerals

– Act as coenzymes in many metabolic process

– Improve gut microbial balance and immunity

Vitamins – Support antioxidant systems and immunity

Lumensa™ helps unlock animal performance




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