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Closed Transfer System for Soybean Inoculants

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Mixing and handling without the waste

Inoculate only the seed you need with the FlexConnect® closed transfer inoculant application system. FlexConnect® is the first closed transfer system for soybean inoculants that rises to the advancements in application equipment. With FlexConnect-enabled Preside Ultra® or Primo R1, mixers can handle and mix large amounts of inoculants straight from the package, without transferring to a separate tank.

flex-connect-imageThe FlexConnect system ensures that the inoculant components are proportionally mixed and connected to the treater by a single line, resulting in metered volumes with less cleanup and operator handling. The closed transfer system boosts efficiency by helping you protect product quality, treat more seeds and waste less inoculant, saving you time and money.

The details

  • Inoculate in more accurate amounts and save the rest
  • Extend application window more than 14 days after first use
  • Reduce time wasted mixing, handling and cleaning
  • Flexible treatment volumes
  • Deliver highest quality product to every unit treated, not just the first

Performance that Lasts

FlexConnect increases the half-life of Rhizobia compared to using a mix-tank, allowing for consistent counts on every seed you treat for up to 14 days (versus a maximum of 24 hours with conventional packaging).

chartUsing a mix tank and conventional packaging can cause a drop in rhizobia numbers of up to 40% of the original concentration in the package in the first 4 hours. With FlexConnect closed transfer inoculant application system you and your customers get all of the Rhizobia you paid for during the entire application period, up to 2 weeks after connecting to the bladder.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Reducing waste and giving me more time with FlexConnect puts more money in our pockets.”

Kyle Mote

Mote Farm Service, Union City, Indiana


“The time I’m saving with the FlexConnect system can be put forth to anything from going out and visiting with a grower, spending more time checking fields, doing other tasks around the plant, as well as being able to see my family in the evenings.”

Brad Phillipp

Central Valley Ag, Hampton, Nebraska


“We like not having to worry about having inoculant left at the end of the day. We don’t have to worry about it going bad by the morning. FlexConnect has allowed us that flexibility.”

Roger Dyson

North Central Coop, Mentone, Indiana

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