Pre Plant Challenge Katie Dowson - Verdesian Life Sciences


How the Challenge Works

Request a FREE Challenge Kit – The first 150 challenge participants will receive a FREE Joby® GripTight™ to ONE GP Stand to help capture the process and your results. After you complete the challenge this gift can be used as a tripod, a handheld stand or be attached to equipment around the farm so you can stay handsfree out in the field.


Take the Challenge– Follow the instructions to conduct a side-by side test of the SEED+GRAPHITE treated seed vs. untreated. Your kit includes everything you need, even the water.




Upload Results Submit your findings and photos of your completed challenge and be automatically entered in our Pre-Plant Challenge Giveaway. You could win 50 lbs. of SEED+GRAPHITE (covers ~500 acres) and a DJI Mavic 3 Thermal drone to continue to track the proven performance of SEED+GRAPHITE in your fields.

What to Expect

View this time lapse to see what’s in store.

2022 Challenge Results

Last year, Katie took the challenge and then put SEED+GRAPHITE to
the test in her own fields. At harvest she saw a 7 bu/A advantage!

Follow Katie’s 2023 testing journey to prove the performance of her
SEED+GRAPHITE field trial this growing season.

Watch the video to see more results from the 2022 SEED+GRAPHITE
Pre-Plant Challenge.



On average, we’ve seen a +4 bu/A (7.6X ROI) yield increase in corn and a +3 bu/A (14X ROI) yield increase in soybeans compared to conventional talc/graphite seed lubricant.

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