CARY, North Carolina – Verdesian Life Sciences, a leader in Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) products, is demonstrating its leadership in another area: industry education. After a successful inaugural year of its NUE University offering, Verdesian recently rolled out additional 200-level course offerings that focus on the practical application of nutrient stewardship, agronomic expertise, industry trends, best management practices and more. These courses will provide a focus on nutrient use efficiency with the primary crop nutrients or macronutrients in the soil and in the plant, along with specific nutrient needs in primary row and major specialty crops. Additional focus topics will include nitrate leaching; plant biostimulants such as phosphites; soil nutrient and plant roots chemistry; measuring and calculating NUE; NUE best management practices; and NUE’s impact on 4R Stewardship.

Verdesian launched NUE University in early 2019 as a learning platform for retailers, growers and crop advisers alike to learn about NUE practices and technology, and how they can increase nutrient use efficiency, yield, crop quality and ROI for agricultural production. NUE University consists of a series of learning modules – many accredited for Certified Crop Advisor CEU credits – where learners can gain additional agronomic and industry knowledge from accredited university researchers, well-known agronomists, top crop consultants and many experts and authorities in agricultural production.

“Our industry is so innovative and fast-moving. Everyone is busy, but people are also clamoring for information and knowledge. Because of that, we are excited to offer this first-in-the-industry online educational module that offers insights from some of the most well-respected thinkers and innovators in agriculture,” said Kenneth Avery, CEO, Verdesian Life Sciences. “We firmly believe that continuing education is vital, whether you are a grower, a retailer, a distributor or a provider of agricultural products.”

The statistics speak to a thirst for knowledge. During the first year of NUE University, more than 2,100 people have enrolled in its courses, completing more than 5,200 sessions that spanned nine NUE University courses and 12 Verdesian product offering courses.

“We are not content to rest on our laurels when it comes to educating partners and growers,” said Avery. We are honored to lead the way in educating about nutrient use efficiency.”

Media Relations

Lindsey Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager