CARY, North Carolina – New trial data reveals that growers who use Take Off® LS
nitrogen utilization enhancer on soybeans saw an 8x return on investment (ROI) when applied with early-season herbicides (V4-V5 stage). Results showed that Take Off LS, when applied with a herbicide, yielded 75.7 bu/A – or 3.8 more bu/A than those treated with a herbicide alone.

Soybeans weren’t the only crops that enjoyed a strong response to Take Off LS. Corn yielded 5.6 bu/A more with Take Off LS applied with a foliar herbicide application at V4-V6 stages, while Take Off LS applied in-furrow with a starter fertilizer yielded a 5.8 bu/A advantage in corn.

“When we factor in the cost of Take Off LS to the grower vs. the yield output, we saw that growers earned eight times as much of a return on investment when applied with a soybean herbicide,” says Nick Favret, Senior Product Director, Verdesian Life Sciences. “Those are real dollars in a tight economy.”

Built upon the backbone of Take Off technology, which was discovered by Los Alamos National Laboratory and developed by Verdesian, Take Off LS is a revolutionary nutrient management technology that helps build bigger, stronger plants. This proprietary formulation is designed to mimic a naturally-occurring molecule within the plant that optimizes the nutrient acquisition and assimilation process. Simply put, Take Off LS allows plants to more efficiently utilize carbon and nitrogen and other nutrients. The result is enhanced nutrient use efficiency, leading to more bushels per acre per amount of nutrients applied. Take Off LS is a flexible product that can be applied at multiple timings, either alone or in a tank mix with commonly-used fertilizers or crop protection products.

“Take Off LS is innovative in its approach to solving nutrient deficiencies,” says Favret. “In fact, the math suggests the Take Off LS innovation benefits 85-90 percent of America’s soybean acres.”

In addition, Take Off LS can be used on approved dicamba-tolerant crops, and is already approved on: XtendiMax® Soybeans and Cotton with XtendiFlex® Technologies and Corteva’s FeXapan®.

“Quite simply, Take Off LS builds bigger plants,” says Favret. “And taller, greener plants end up producing more yield, which is crucial to America’s producers.”

Media Relations

Lindsey Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager