AMVAC® recently expanded the SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ portfolio with the addition of MicroSync Pro™ MINI.

SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS™) are products that are prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge® container technology through the SIMPAS® application system to address unique agronomic needs. Multiple SaS products, such as insecticides, N-fixing solutions, nematicides, and nutrients, are delivered simultaneously, in-furrow, during planting.

MicroSync Pro MINI is a combination nutrient formulation that improves soil fertility programs by providing a precise balance of critical nutrients formulated to prevent or correct deficiencies of boron, manganese, sulfur, and/or zinc.

This uniform granular fertilizer is activated by soil moisture, creating millions of particles within the root zone to enhance nutrient conversion and allow uptake, so the crop starts strong.

MicroSync Pro Mini features include the following:

  • Unique combination of sulfates and sucrates for enhanced microbial activity and bioavailability
  • Free-flowing, low dust, uniform granular fertilizer
  • Verdesian Polymer Technology and carboxylates that synergize micronutrient and sulfur availability for plant uptake
  • Nutripaction® Technology that results in uniformly blended combinations of finely divided particles compacted together, which produces homogeneous granules consistent in particle size and analysis

MicroSync Pro MINI is now available in SmartCartridge® containers, enabling precise, uniform distribution when applied with the SIMPAS® application system for whole-field or prescriptive applications in corn and soybean.

The expanding SaS portfolio includes AMVAC products as well as licensed products from other manufacturers, such as Verdesian® Life Sciences, Syngenta, and Azotic North America, to meet the unique needs of growers throughout the U.S. Some of the products include Envita®, MicroSync® IRON IDC, and iNvigorate®, the first liquid product to be made available for the SIMPAS application system on both corn and soybean.

“AMVAC is committed to expanding the SIMPAS line to more than 25 products by 2025,” Jim Lappin, director of the SIMPAS-applied Solutions portfolio, said. “The addition of MicroSync Pro MINI will help growers address soil fertility through prescriptive application, ensuring the right products are used at the right time in the right place.”

Media Relations

Lindsey Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager