The term “micronutrients” can be a bit of a misnomer. After all, there is nothing “micro” about the impact these key nutrients have on crops, performance and yield.

Verdesian Life Sciences has launched MicroMasters, a new initiative to shed light on this often overlooked but highly important segment of agriculture: micronutrients.


“Even though micronutrients have been a vital part of agriculture for decades now, we still realize there are a lot of questions and lack of understanding about how crucial they can be in a farming operation,” says Jake Socherman, VP of Sales – Specialty Micronutrients for Verdesian. “MicroMasters is our way of providing information about micronutrients in quick and easy format.”

Through a series of short videos, the MicroMasters – which includes Socherman and a team of other micronutrient experts from Verdesian – explain some common questions about micronutrients. In addition, the MicroMasters dive into why MicroSync® granular micronutrients are a superior micronutrient choice.

“Over the last several years, MicroSync has proven to be a premier micronutrient offering, thanks to our Nutripaction® technology, which means improved ease of handling, blending and spreading when compared with competitive products. This technology combines more than 30 years of expertise in granular micronutrients with our innovative exchange resin technology to deliver micronutrients to the crop over the course of the growing season,” says Socherman. “But as proud as I am of the MicroSync formulations, I am even more proud of the talented and gifted team we have built here at Verdesian that supports our micronutrient business. Like micronutrients themselves, our team may be small, but they are an essential part of the equation.”

To learn more from the Masters of Micros, visit or contact your local ag retailer about MicroSync from Verdesian Life Sciences.

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Lindsey Robinson
Marketing Operations Manager