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A stable, healthy pond environment is the lifeline to a successful aquaculture operation. It starts with quickly creating healthy water that promotes the vitality of young aquatic species. As the pond matures and its organic load increases, it’s important to maintain a balanced ecosystem. The final piece of the puzzle – choosing feed and feed additives that improve digestive and immune health. Aquaculture products from Verdesian quickly establish a healthy pond environment, maintain pond productivity and help unlock the ability of aquatic species to grow bigger. Accelerate growth. Create cleaner ponds. Yield healthier, larger species.

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  • By helping sustain high-quality pond water, Proquatic PondMaintain helps aquatic species better acclimate to new pond environments, which can result in decreased mortality.

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  • A postbiotic-based functional matrix feed additive, Dyvon Lumensa maintains desired bacterial diversity to create a healthy and balanced gut microbiota, which is critical to high-functioning digestive and immune systems.

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Proquatic PondRestore™ helps create a non-toxic pond bottom that supports a healthy, stable pond environment, resulting in bigger shrimp and higher profit potential.

Proquatic PondMaintain™ helps establish healthy shrimp from the start by creating and maintaining a stable pond environment in aerobic conditions.
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Dyvon Lumensa™ helps shrimp maintain a healthy, balanced gut microbiome that supports increased weight gain, improved immune and digestive systems, and decreased mortality.

Key Considerations for Aquaculture Success


Establishing a healthy water environment in hatchery, nursery and early stages of grow-out systems is a critical first step to pond success. It’s important to quickly develop beneficial water organisms, support increased microbial activity and beneficial algal growth, and promote aerobic bacteria multiplication and biofilm formation. Healthy pond water helps aquatic species acclimate to new pond environments and can reduce mortality.


While the pond environment influences species health, gut health plays a more direct role in development of aquatic species. A healthy gut helps foster high-functioning digestive and immune systems, which promote improved feed utilization, nutrient absorption, desired bacterial diversity and growth performance. Feed and supplements play a key role in creating a balanced gut microbiome.


Maintaining a healthy pond environment can become a challenge as the bioload increases. As more organic matter falls to the pond bottom, microbes fail to break it down rapidly enough and anaerobic conditions become prevalent. Toxins like H2S begin to form, alkalinity becomes unstable, pH fluctuates, and species mortality increases. Being proactive in maintaining aerobic conditions throughout the pond lifecycle helps ensure sustainability and productivity of the pond and aquatic species that call it home.

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