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Get top performance from your top dress

Get top performance from your top dress

Severe weather in the form of torrential and steady rains across the United States this spring could mean an inadequate supply of nitrogen in your corn crop this growing season.

All may not be lost – but you need to act now. Split applying nitrogen, including a top-dress/side-dress application of
nitrogen, makes great agronomic and economic sense no matter what type of spring weather you are experiencing. Utilizing
a treated dry nitrogen fertilizer gives you an even greater ROI when applied using the 4R Nutrient Management Strategy.

Verdesian Life Sciences offers options for top-dress strategies.


N-Charge G
If you are treating your urea, consider N-Charge G Nitrogen Use Efficiency Technology. N-Charge G provides long-lasting protection of treated granular
nitrogen fertilizers from volatilization, leaching and denitrification. Its innovative formulation for granular
fertilizers keeps more nitrogen in the root zone longer, allowing plants to access essential nutrients when they are
needed most.


When pretreated on urea, ammonium sulfate, or a blend of these fertilizers, N-Charge G results in months of
protection, rather than days, and can be stored indefinitely without loss in quality. In addition, it offers simple
handling and spreading on urea and other dry nitrogen fertilizers, making N-Charge G a long-lasting, hard-working
technology that delivers strong results and peace of mind.


If you are considering a top dress of nitrogen fertilizer, consider applying MicroSync™ Granular Micronutrients with your N
fertilizer top dress at V4 or V5. MicroSync products are designed to be blended with granular fertilizer programs. In
addition, MicroSync is easy to apply and use.


MicroSync’s proprietary combination of Verdesian polymer technology and the Nutripaction® process creates a unique
combination of micronutrition that offers improved nutrient availability and performance, ensuring your crops have
micronutrients on demand. In short, MicroSync offers season-long micronutrient availability for your crop.

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