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Critical Nutritionals for Fall and Winter Specialty Crops

Critical Nutritionals for Fall and Winter Specialty Crops

As we come into the fall and early winter seasons it’s time to look at the nutritional solutions for specialty crops that are at our disposal.

Nitrogen Uptake, Assimilation for Tree Crops

Deciduous trees are highly dependent on stored nutrients when bud break and bloom occur in the spring.  Fall is the time to “load up” the tree with key nutrients that will aide the trees in weathering the sometimes cold and sometimes very wet winters.  When bud break occurs, we know that many nutrients that will drive bloom and fruit/nut set will come from stored reserves.  Nutri-Phite® promotes the uptake of nutrients from the soil by increasing the organic acid content around the roots.  Primacy ALPHA® initiates a three fold  benefit by promoting nitrogen uptake and assimilation, promoting cell division (cytokinesis) in roots and shoots for increased nutrient uptake and assimilation  and thirdly adding additional sulfur to maintain the crucial nitrogen Sulfur ratio  for more efficient nitrogen use.


Citrus Pre and Post Harvest Health

Various harvest programs are used in the citrus industry whereby crops could be harvested as early as October or as late as next spring.  It is essential that the crop be healthy nutritionally and free from disease.  Calci-Phite®, Magnum and Fungi-Phite® have all proven to be very valuable tools in the management of citrus in the fall, winter and spring.  As bud differentiation for next seasons crop begins in January on most varieties the Nutri-Phite products have proven to be essential to a quality bloom, fruit set and quality product at harvest.


Vegetable Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Coastal vegetable crops are constantly going through the cycle of planting, growing and harvesting.  These intense farming practices can lead to many nutritional and disease problems.  To compensate for these dynamics, it has been easy to overfertilize many of the crops to ensure that fertilizer is not a limiting factor.  This has led to environmental issues specifically relating to ground water contamination.  Take Off®, which is available in the Nutri-Phite products or in Primacy ALPHA is proven to increase nitrogen uptake and assimilation.  Assimilation means that the nitrogen is not necessarily pooling as nitrate in the tissue but is being converted into amino acids,proteins and other cell building elements.  Excessive nitrate pooling in a crop like lettuce can lead to a bitter tasting product.


Nitrogen Management for Cereals

Winter cereals will typically need to be fertilized during the winter months.  Urea has been the standard top dress material for decades.  The problem with urea when not immediately incorporated is the potential for volatility loss of nitrogen into the atmosphere.  Urea treated with NutriSphere-N® stabilized the nitrogen from loss to the environment.  Fifteen years of research using Take Off on cereals has shown consistent significant yield increases.  The two most effective formulations of Take Off for cerreals are Take Off Phite MZ and Take Off Magnum.


Critical Nutritional Solutions

Fungi-Phite is a fast acting phosphite fungicide with low environmental toxicity, flexible application, and tank-mix compatibility, well proven to help suppress and control over 20 active diseases for more than 20 crop varieties.

Primacy ALPHA is Verdesian’s latest, phosphite-free, foliar and/or soil applied, plant Nutrient Use Efficiency assimilator that optimizes, nutrient uptake and utilization, plant metabolism and plant growth, enhancing consistent crop quality and yield potential.

Nutri-Phite is the gold standard phosphite fertilizer supplement with stabilizing organic phosphorous acid that enhances nutrient uptake to improve plant health and vigor, improved stand opportunity and emergence, higher fruit solid content, and increased production yield.  The two most used product formulations are Nutri-Phite P+K and Magnum.

Calci-Phite supplies calcium carried into the plant with an efficient Nutri-Phite.

Take Off is a revolutionary foliar and /or soil applied nitrogen management technology that works from inside the plant to improve overall plant nutrient acquisition, metabolism, and assimilation, boosting overall biomass, and increased yield potential.

PLUS is the patented discovery from Dr. Carol Lovatt at the University of California, Riverside.  PLUS promotes cell division (cytokinesis) in roots and shoots for increased nutrient uptake and assimilation.  PLUS technology is available in Magnum PLUSPK PLUS and is a component of Primacy ALPHA.


At-A-Glance Verdesian Nutritional Solutions

Nutri-Phite P+K                         0-28-26

Nutri-Phite Magnum                 2-40-16

Nutri-Phite P Soil Hi Grade      0-60-5

Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite             0-19-9-9Ca

Magnum PLUS                          2-40-16

Nutri-Phite PK PLUS                 0-28-26

Take Off Calci-Phite                 0-19-9

Take Off Phite MZ                    3-20-7-.5Mn-.5Zn

Take Off P+K                            0-28-25

Take Off Magnum                    2-40-16

Primacy ALPHA                       3-0-7-.1B-.5Mn-.5Zn

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