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Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Kurt Seevers

Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Kurt Seevers

Kurt Seevers has long been a teacher, regardless of the role.

From teaching swimming and scuba diving in the early 1980’s, to serving as volunteer certified fishing instructor with the Nebraska Game and Parks Youth Fishing Program today – something he has done for nearly 25 years – Kurt is always looking to help others learn.

That ability to teach serves him well as the Technical Development Manager, Seed Treatments & Inoculants (ST&I), for Verdesian Life Sciences. In this role, Kurt covers the entire United States and Canada as the organization’s chief expert on all things ST&I.

“Along with great technology to work with, the people at Verdesian are what makes this a great place to work,” says Seevers. “Agriculture is not just a job; you really do have a sense of family in this industry.”

Kurt knows the ag family well. Prior to joining Verdesian in 2014, he spent 10 years working with Becker Underwood, most recently as field development leader for seed treatments and inoculants in the U.S. Kurt transitioned to BASF Corporation with its acquisition of Becker Underwood, working as a senior field biologist with a focus on seed treatment biologicals. He previously held roles at American Cyanamid and at UAP, where he was a product specialist. During his time at UAP, Kurt worked with mPower3 helping to develop an online record-keeping system that incorporated field information, aerial imagery, site specific weather, and pest and disease models to help growers determine when conditions were favorable for problems to occur in their fields. Kurt holds a master’s degree in entomology from the University of Missouri. He received his bachelor’s degree, also in entomology, from the University of Nebraska.

His vast agriculture career has given him a perspective that drives him every day.

“We all suffer the same pains and share in the successes, from product manufacturer, though the distribution chain, and at the farm level,” he says. “Whatever affects agriculture affects us all.”

When he’s not hitting the road teaching, Kurt can be found in the outdoors, either hunting or fishing. In fact, he usually has fishing gear with him at all times. In typical Kurt Seevers fashion, he has passed on his love and knowledge of fishing: his oldest daughter is also a certified fishing instructor, showing that the apple doesn’t far fall from the tree.

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